How SignEasy got featured in an Apple campaign (and almost screwed it up!)

SignEasy was a two person operation in 2010, the year we launched. And bootstrapping meant a lot of pressure first on gaining and then on maintaining traction; there was, and still is, no safety jacket. If we have no money to pay salaries and run operations, there is no company or product, period. But we have been lucky, and successful enough to be profitable.

Today we have grown into a 15 member team, and SignEasy is now among the most successful apps on iOS and Android.

As more and more paperwork moves to the cloud, we are extremely well placed to help individuals and SMBs use eSignatures, and in turn, save paper and a lot of time and money in the process.

What we think about a lot

Innovation and customer happiness, that’s our mantra. An app like SignEasy is passing through a quality check every time a customer uses it. Which means any and all feedback is in real time, giving us the data we need to keep innovating and to keep the customer happy.

Our almost continuous updates and fixes to leverage Apple’s iOS strengths (such as our iOS extension and Touch-ID support), and to bring more capabilities to customers is due to this ruthless focus on user experience.

The mail from Apple

These priorities are what I believe got us noticed by Apple.

Early April this year, something popped up in my inbox. It was a mail from Apple’s marketing agency about featuring SignEasy on their upcoming iPad summer campaign. Needless to say, we were overjoyed. Though branding with an Apple ad was one reason for our excitement, there was a significant business angle as well — iOS accounts for 85% of our paying users, and Apple’s early adopters, the people who appreciate a well designed product, had always been our own champions. Apple wanted secrecy, they specified that no major changes should be introduced to the UI and product screens throughout the campaign, which would have made the ad rendering dated.

We agreed, and complied within a 48 hour window. We couldn’t control our excitement. After all, this was the ecosystem we had been nurturing for some time. This recognition was the ultimate feather in our cap. It was all about that important word we kept hearing about in startup conferences and funding events all around the world — validation. Then we went back to our work mode with fingers crossed, looking forward to hear back from them in the near future.

Until it all went wrong.

It was the 4th of May. A routine update for iOS went wrong and our users were unable to sign documents. We were devastated. We apologized to our customers immediately, and by May 6, had expedited a fix that went live that very night, restoring full service back to our users. It had taken a day and a night of non-stop work, but we had fixed the issue, and we heaved a sigh of relief.


Several users were happy with the way we handled this.


Little did our users know that we were running against time, as May 7 was the day the iPad campaign went live. A lot of interest would be heading in our direction and needless to say, it wouldn’t have been very impressive if the app had been down on that very day.

Behind the scenes

The point I want to make here is that this experience again underlined to us the uniqueness of the lean, nimble startup model that we follow, despite being a five year old bootstrapped company. Our users have never had a reason not to trust us, and neither did Apple. As partners and owners of the ecosystem we are part of, it was imperative not to disappoint them, and we are proud we did not. The work that we put in to get the app working for our users again, the small colors and buttons we test and change to enhance usability, the late night frustrations with pizza delivery — these are things our users will never see, and that is by design.

It makes us proud that all this behind the scenes work reflects on the little screen in our users’ hands, and that they enjoy it enough to say that they love it.

Head over to this Youtube video where SignEasy’s ease of eSignature is being showcased by Apple.


and other apps listed in the small business section by



Part 2 of this post will talk about the actual gains that we had by being part of the Apple campaign. There are going to be metrics, and a lot of takeaways for app store citizens like us. So stay tuned!

If you have an interesting story to share and exchange notes on how you got featured in App Stores or just want to say hello, drop me a note at spatro At getsigneasy Dot com.

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Introducing a faster, simpler & more powerful signing experience in the SignEasy Android app

We have been working hard to provide our millions of users around the world the fastest and smoothest way of signing their documents on the go. Today, we are rolling out our updated Android app (v3.5.3) which will provide you with an improved signing experience on your Android devices. We have always put our users first while building user experiences by conducting usability studies with real users to provide you the best experience so far on our Android application. Let me give you a tour of our new features:

Resizing your signature, initials and text

We studied thoroughly how new users use our Android app, which gave us some pretty interesting insights into the UX of the app. We found that users are accustomed to ‘drag’ to resize an annotation on a document, that’s when we thought about changing the way of re-sizing your signature, initials and text on our Android application to make the editing experience much more intuitive.


Deleting added annotations

Earlier, users weren’t able to delete the previously added annotations on their document before finalizing it, which forced them to start the signing process all over again in the case of a mistake. With our updated app, users can now re-size any annotations while they are in the editing mode.

Deleting added annotations

Rotating a document

Thousands of documents, of various kinds, are imported and signed regularly via our Android application. Sometimes, users receive documents which are not rotated or oriented properly. You never know the manner in which documents will be sent to you.  It’s because of the constant feedback from our users around the world, we have included this feature for you such that you can easily rotate the document with a single tap. In the document editing screen, just tap on the document to view the rotate option.


Navigate easily between pages

It’s no surprise that in an app that uses a content driven information structure, easy navigation provides an important part of the user experience. For example, users navigate through an e-book by moving from one page to the next or by choosing a page in the table of contents. In our latest release, a user can quickly navigate between the pages with left and right swipe or by tapping on the page thumbnails to jump to any page of a document. This will considerably reduce your time while trying to sign a ten-page document on the go.


Pinch to zoom

There’s no more distinctive multi-touch gesture than pinch-to-zoom in today’s smartphone world and we are giving our users the same magical experience with our latest release. This reminds me of Steve Jobs, back in 2007, standing on stage sharing the benefits of Apple’s then-new iPhone touchscreen (video) which works like ‘magic’ because of its pinch-to-zoom multi touch feature!


We update our Android app every few weeks such that it continues to work great for you. We are also working on some interesting new features and we’re excited for you to try them out soon. Join our big group of beta-testers by clicking this link on your mobile, to get early access to our upcoming features! Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions as a comment over here or email us at

That sheet of A4 paper you threw away cost the Earth 10 litres of water

World Environment Day Infographic

We’ve all written lovelorn poetry in the back of our notebooks when we were at University. Well, anything to get through dreary finance classes, yes? But when we tore away those sheets of paper to pass on to our friends and then watched it get tossed into the wastebasket in a mock slam-dunk, did we ever think of the cost of making those sheets of paper?


I know I never did. In those days, the environment wasn’t on my mind all that much.


But when I started SignEasy, the world was a different place. Rampant consumerism and consumption has made the world a place that doesn’t think much about what it is doing if there is no immediate financial impact. But that’s an illusion. The way we are using up Earth’s resources means that soon there will come a point when the things that we take so much for granted, like water on a tap, and gas on a pipe, and clean air to breath, will become commodities to be bought and sold like gold and oil. Why? Because we exploited them so much there isn’t anything left for the future.


At SignEasy, we like to think that by trying to move documentation and its accompanying activities to the electronic realm, with every little inch of paper that we help save, we are making a tiny dent in the onslaught towards oblivion. And so we encourage you to sign on and use SignEasy as well.


“… it is the small, every-day deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” – JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings.
If you think the infographic above is important enough to share, please do so. Remember, small dents.



SignEasy Featured in New iPad Campaign

We are thrilled to announce that SignEasy is featured in Apple’s new iPad campaign “Everything Changes with iPad”, aimed to onboard new users by exposing them to the best apps and tools that are changing the way people live and work every day. SignEasy is part of the ‘Small Business Collection’ recommended by Apple along with other great apps such as Square, Scannable, Quickbooks, OmniFocus2 and Numbers. Take a look and get inspired with the official video:


Our team is truly honoured to be recognised by Apple for our effort in helping businesses and consumers leave behind the paper cycle using our industry leading eSignature solution available on iPads and iPhones.

This is certainly a special way to start our 5th year Anniversary celebrations as we are approaching June 20th, the day when the first version of SignEasy was launched on App Store.
Big thanks to the Apple team, our partners and customers for supporting us along our journey.

iPad Small Business feature

Introducing the new ink pen signature style on SignEasy Android App

esignature SignEasy Android

The new SignEasy App for Android adds character to your electronic signatures by introducing a new fountain pen ink stroke. The responsive strokes and smooth curves greatly enhance the overall signing experience within SignEasy and help in producing a signature that is truer to its counterpart on paper.

Head to Google Play Store to update your SignEasy App and please leave a review letting us know how you like this new signature style.

If you are interested to know more about the technicalities involved in developing this feature, head to our SignEasy engineering blog.


SignEasy is localized to 7 new languages from Europe and Asia

SignEasy App localization


SignEasy is frequently featured in the App Store as a top app in Business, Productivity and Finance categories around the world. Although we are a global product, we believe in making SignEasy App available in local languages. For this reason, the latest SignEasy iOS release includes support for 7 new languages from Europe and Asia: Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Filipino, Indonesian and Thai, adding to the already existing French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. If your native language is one of the above, we look forward to your feedback.

Download the latest version of SignEasy here.



Introducing SignEasy iOS Extension to Make Signing Paperwork a Breeze from Any App

At SignEasy, we knew that Apple’s new iOS extension capability opened up possibilities that would get us closer to the mission of enabling users to seamlessly sign paperwork regardless of the tool, app or service being used. To be able to sign an important document and send it back while on an idyllic vacation was the utopian dream that inspired the creation of SignEasy. And now SignEasy has made that dream come true with the new iOS extension. With just a single tap of your finger you can now sign any important document right within any app.


We are excited to launch an iOS extension that empowers users to seamlessly sign and send paperwork from within hundreds of third-party apps. This feature is extremely useful for signing and sending across documents that need a quick turnaround while you are using another app. The extension works its magic with hundreds of project management, email, collaboration and business apps such as Apple’s Mail App, Box, Camscanner, Cloudmagic, Dropbox, GeniusScan, Mailbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Scannable, Slack.

Let’s say you receive a document over email which requires your signature. With the new extension, all you need to do is choose ‘Sign with SignEasy’ to sign it right within your mail app. It’s that easy! No more wasting time switching between apps. What is even better is that you don’t lose the context of your task. Convenient, huh?

This feature is available in more than just email apps. If you manage and store your files in cloud storage services, you will now be able to sign paperwork right from Dropbox, Box or Microsoft’s OneDrive. You can also ‘Sign with SignEasy’ within scanning apps like GeniusScan, Scannable and CamScanner, very handy for approvals, invoices and company expense reimbursements

Watch Founder and CEO, Sunil Patro talk about the iOS extension and envision how your workflow will be transformed by it:

The first time you are using this extension, you must enable the ‘Sign with SignEasy’ option. To do this, tap the ‘More’ icon in the ‘Open in’ share screen and enable ‘Sign with SignEasy’.


The new SignEasy App, supporting iOS extension is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


5 Reasons to Use SignEasy to File Your Taxes


It’s that time of the year again when everyone is trying to get a handle on their paperwork to file their taxes. The minute tax season rolls in, the stress that comes with gathering documents, validating them and then filing taxes seems to be a given. But SignEasy is here to show you that doing your taxes can be as easy as a walk in the park.

Here’s how:

  1. Easy signing, storage and sharing of documents: SignEasy gives you the convenience of easily importing, signing and sending or storing all documentation needed to file your taxes. Whether you chose to do your own taxes or use the help of an accountant, with SignEasy you can easily prepare your tax form submissions and get them processed for quick refunds. The email and cloud service integration (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Evernote Integration) that it offers ensures that you can easily access all important documents in one place.
  2. Digital trail: To ensure that you can track your paperwork and signed documents, SignEasy ensures that you have a digital log showing the email address of the signer, the time of signing, IP address as well as the digital fingerprint of the document after execution.
  3. Offline Signing & Continuity feature: Filing taxes tends to be a time and resource intensive process. As you fill forms, you can easily sign and save them on the go even if you don’t have a 3G internet signal or WiFi connectivity and send them once you do. Not just that, whether you use an iOS, Android or Kindle device, you can effortlessly switch between devices to complete paperwork. All your files remain safe even if you lose your device.
  4. Passcode & Touch ID for security: Documents required to file your taxes are sensitive and confidential. The Touch ID authentication feature in iOS 8 guarantees that your files are safe and no one besides you can access the documents. You can also set a personal passcode to be entered each time the app is used to sign a document. This protects your electronic signature.
  5. Add an alternate email address: Do you have an executive assistant helping you with your taxes? Or bank statements and receipts that have been sent to your personal email address? That’s not a problem any longer. You can add an alternate email address to make the process of getting your documentation together easy and quick.

Accelerating the tax filing process, making it hassle-free and saving on time and energy is what SignEasy is here to help you do.


Feature Tutorial: Use An Alternate Email For Importing Documents

The team at SignEasy is continuously  looking for ways to simplify your life and boost your productivity. The import from a secondary email feature, aims to do just that.

Paperwork is one aspect of conducting business that tends to be laborious. Scanning, signing and sending documents can require a lot of coordination, resources and lead us to unnecessarily wasted time. This is exactly what business professionals are looking to avoid. Businesses and professionals place a premium on saving time and resources and increasing productivity and efficiency.  This feature is aimed at helping you do that by simplifying the process of using electronic signatures for your business.

Do you have an executive assistant processing your emails? This feature makes it possible to add your assistant’s email to your SignEasy account so that your paperwork can get done without any involvement from you. Convenient, isn’t it?



Ever had a situation where a vendor or client has sent you a contract on your personal email address instead of your work email, which is the one you have linked to SignEasy? That is not a problem anymore!

  • Head to the main menu on the left.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Tap on advanced settings.
  • Swipe to add a second email address.
  • Import the document and sign it.

SignEasy is constantly innovating in order to better serve our customers’ needs and your satisfaction is what matters to us. Do try out the feature and email us with your feedback, queries or suggestions at



Introducing Evernote Business for SignEasy

The latest SignEasy update for iOS:v5.4.4 introduces Evernote for Business integration. This makes it even easier for businesses to manage information, resources and work together efficiently.

  • As an Evernote for Business user, SignEasy makes it simple to import and sign documents within the app. You can now view your Business notebooks along with your Personal notebooks on your SignEasy account. Import documents directly from your Evernote notebooks to sign them.

SignEasy - Evernote for Business

  • Use features available to SignEasy for Business users to further boost productivity, collaborate easily and work remotely. Whether it is commenting on meeting notes, collecting signatures for an agreement or crossing out irrelevant parts in a collaborative research project, this integration is designed to save you a lot of time and resources.

Enjoy SignEasy on your new shiny iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices with its fully optimized user interface. It makes doing business on the go a whole lot easier.



Unlimited Signatures with the Freestyle Drawing Feature

We recently launched the latest SignEasy for Business plan. With brand new features to help you get paperwork out of the way even more quickly than before, the SignEasy for Business plan is designed for high levels of productivity and efficiency.

One of the exciting new features introduced in this new plan is freestyle drawing. Answering the need for the inclusion of more than three unique signatures in a document, the freestyle drawing feature multiplies the flexibility and ease already provided by SignEasy.

It can be used in many creative ways to fit your needs in multiple scenarios.

  • Want to keep track of the attendees at an event or important meeting? With the freestyle drawing feature, you can get everyone to sign in. No more chasing down attendance sheets or worrying about accurate attendee numbers!
  • Have a financing agreement, legal contract or real estate deal that needs to be signed by multiple investors? Or a housing loan that needs more than three signatures? With the new feature, this is now incredibly simple.

SignEasy App- Freestyle Feature iOS

  • Do you want to add a note about a particular line in a document or emphasize a change you would like? Use the freestyle feature to add comments.

SignEasy App - Add a comment

  • If you are filling a form and want to strike off options that do not apply to you, by crossing out ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for instance, you can use the freestyle feature to do so.

SignEasy App - Strike out text

We are keen to have you try out the new feature. Do send us your feedback, queries or suggestions at



Introducing the New SignEasy for Business Plan

Our latest update for iOS: v5.4.3 has new features to help you get your paperwork out of the way quicker than before! We have introduced a new SignEasy for Business plan. This new plan and its exciting features are a result of feedback from our professional and business customers.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The document limit for electronic signatures is a thing of the past. Unlimited documents would mean clearing all your paperwork in a jiffy.
  • The freestyle drawing feature will enable you to get signatures from as many people as you want. It also gives you the flexibility to add comments. This makes it a lot easier for you to close a real estate deal, attendance sheet or get a financing agreement signed by many investors.



  • Have more than one email address for your work? No problem. Now you can import documents by forwarding an attachment from a second email address, not just your primary email address. Head to advanced settings and check it out.


  • Have you checked out the Touch ID feature that makes your electronic signature a lot more secure? Raising the bar on our strong security commitment to our clients is a priority for us.



  • Additionally, the document picker feature on iOS8 device allows documents to be imported directly from other apps within SignEasy.


We are constantly working to ensure that our customers get exactly what they want. Helping businesses and professionals cut paperwork and improve productivity makes SignEasy an indispensible part of your lives. With more than 2.5 million downloads in over 150 countries, we believe we are doing it right! We’re excited to have you try the new features and tell us what you think at

SignEasy v5.4.3 for iOS is available today in Apple’s App Store.


SignEasy 2014 – A Year in Review


It has been a busy year with many highs at SignEasy. A year of  growth, awards, a new office, and stellar members joining our team. As the year 2014 wraps up, here’s a look back on the highlights of the year.


  • Crossed 2.5 million downloads – the most downloaded iOS app in the esignature category
  • Over 15000 ratings with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Featured amongst the best new apps in U.S.A and many countries around the world
  • Amongst the top 25 grossing business apps in the app store

Awards & Recognitions

  • NASSCOM Emerge 50 – Recognition as one of India’s Most Innovative 50 emerging software product companies
  • Frost & Sullivan Award for best innovation in mobile e-signatures
  • IT industry thinktank iSpirit’s BootupIndia award as one of the 8 successful bootstrapped startups from India



The 2014 Web Summit in Dublin was one of the biggest highlights of the year where SignEasy was invited to exhibit. The Web Summit brought together industry stalwarts and thought leaders from around the world, including Fortune 500 companies and the most exciting startups. SignEasy was proud to be mentioned as one of the 10 startups from the world to watch out for in their blog post.

This was a defining moment for us, as over last 4 years, we have stayed true to our product-driven culture and not really worked at creating brand awareness in tech conferences. I was fortunate enough to share our growth story and lessons learned on the way at the People’s stage. You can watch it here.



We spend a lot of time at SignEasy, listening to your feedback and thinking about how to make paperwork simpler, easier and more secure, so you can get real and meaningful work done in your lives.

  • Full redesign of our electronic signature app on iOS to meet Apple’s design standards with our focus on simplicity, faster workflow and beautiful user experience
  • Wider integration with popular business and productivity app partners: Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote for Business and Apple’s iCloud
  • Continuity of paperwork, enabling easier access and saving of pre-filled documents as drafts allowing you to finish your work faster, sign offline and continue when you’re back online. This also allows you to use your personal or office device, depending where you are in the world.


However, the most exciting and challenging project of 2014 was to find the right set of talented individuals to join us on our mission.

We quickly grew from a small 4 member team to a 12 people  startup with expertise in the fields of engineering, product, design, marketing and communications. Each individual brings to the team significant experiences from working in companies such as Microsoft, Juniper Networks, Cleartrip, Akamai, Yahoo, Fab and One97.

In addition to the hiring effort, SignEasy set up an office in Koramangala, the heart of the startup hub of Bangalore, India. This is where, apart from building simple, easy-to-use and innovative products, we often take a meditation break or chill over a game of table tennis.


SignEasy is powered by our mission to take the pain out of paperwork from the world and is driven by a passionate and talented team. Maintaining our position in the industry is a challenge that we have taken on as we continue to innovate and bring new products to the market.  As the new year begins, we are excited to lead the way towards an increasingly paperless world and promise that 2015 holds greater impact for our customers.

Wishing you all a happy new year!

Sunil & the SignEasy Team


How to delete one or more files from the SignEasy app

To remove the files from the SignEasy app and from the server, go to the sidebar and click on documents.

1. Swipe from right to left over the file name to reveal a set of icons.

2. In the iPhone app, tap the trash icon at the bottom of the screen and you will be prompted to confirm your choice to delete the file. For Android, long press on the document name and tap the trash icon at the top of the screen. You will be prompted to confirm your choice to delete the file.




3. To delete multiple files, in the iPhone app, swipe left again on the document name(s) which you want to delete. In the Android app, perform the long press operation on the documents you want to delete.



4. Tap on trash icon to delete all the selected files in one go.

del-doc1After you confirm your decision to delete one or more files, these will be permanently deleted from the SignEasy app on any devices synced with your SignEasy account and from our servers as well.


SignEasy is exhibiting at the Web Summit, 2014!

Web Summit is a 3-year-old tech event that has quickly risen to be one of the world’s most influential international tech events. With over 20,000 people attending Web Summit, it’s going to be an epic gathering of some of the greatest tech minds of the 21st century. Web Summit is happening in Dublin this year, from 4th – 6th November, 2014 and we are thrilled to be a part of it!

SignEasy is exhibiting as a Beta startup at Web Summit

The SignEasy team will be an exhibitor at Web Summit as a beta start-up. In a recent blogpost on the Web Summit’s official blog, we’re listed as one of the 10 most exciting companies to watch out for.

During Web Summit, you can catch up with us at the following events:

– Sunil Patro, Founder & CEO, SignEasy would be a speaking at the Simmonscourt Venue on 4th November, Tuesday from 12:18 to 12:24 hours (GMT) as a part of People’s Stage.

Sunil had a great time speaking on how SignEasy went from being a lucky hunch to App Store Stardom at People’s Stage organized at Web Summit. In case you missed the talk, don’t fret, you can watch the talk below:

– Sunil would also be participating in the People’s Panel at the RDS Venue on 4th November, Tuesday from 14:20-1435 hours (GMT) in a discussion on Is funding necessary to build a profitable and growing App Store business? with Marek Kulesza, Tiago Varandas, Paulina Goodwin as panelists.

– Last but not the least, we will be exhibiting on Day 2 in the Enterprise Area, Simmonscourt Venue at the stand number ETP105.

We are looking forward to connecting with SignEasy users, electronic signature enthusiasts, journalists, investors and other stakeholders.

And here’s where we need your help with the outreach. We are looking forward to connecting with SignEasy users, electronic signature enthusiasts, journalists, investors and other stakeholders.

How can you help?

If you are going to be at the Web Summit then:

1) Come down to our booth for a chat

2) Drop us an email in advance so that we would be able to catch-up over coffee.

For future updates follow us on Twitter and if you haven’t tried SignEasy yet, visit our download page.


SignEasy is SuperDuperConvenient – Scott Miller (Customer Spotlight Series)

One of the things we derive joy from working on SignEasy is when we hear stories from our customers on how SignEasy has helped them simplify their lives. Starting today, we’re going to be sharing their stories on a regular basis. In this post, we’re talking to Scott Miller, American entrepreneur and game developer, who pioneered the first person shooter games.

A little bit about Scott Miller:

The year was 1998, as a lanky kid I was pouring my eyes into a flickering CRT monitor beating on a trackball mouse furiously while awkwardly adjusting my fingers on an elevated keyboard. I stayed in that hunched position for hours on end playing Wolfenstein 3D, a game that was released in 1992 and developed by ID Software. The man behind the revolutionary game was Scott Miller.

Gaming Pioneer and Founder of 3D realms, Scott Miller

For the uninitiated, Scott Miller is the person that gave the world the holy grail of gaming: First Person Shooter game. He has worked on iconic games like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, Max Payne, to name a few. We caught up with Scott and he shared his thoughts on SignEasy:

Hi there, could you please share your name?

Scott Miller

Where do you work and as?

3D Realms, Founder and Game Designer.

Company Size:

11 – 50

What do you do for a living?

Involved with the creative and business sides of video game development.

What’s your daily routine like?

I work with several teams on several game projects, providing creative input, inspirational guidance, and business advice.

What devices do you use at work and which apps do you us the most?

I primarily use Apple products, such an an iMac, iPad, and iPhone.  I try to use a lot of web based apps — I’m not a fan of local software much anymore.  However, I can’t get buy without Word, Chrome, Power Point, and Skype. And SignEasy has worked itself into that list, too.

How does SignEasy fit into your life?

I use SignEasy to sign ALL of my documents now.  It just makes the process of signing so much easier than it used to be — no more printing out pages, signing them with a pen, scanning them back into the computer!  I sign most docs now on my iPhone.  It’s like a miracle of convenience!

How has using SignEasy benefited you?

It’s a huge time saver.  And that alone makes it a must-have app.  But it also makes signing agreements and other docs so easy I can do it in a matter of seconds regardless of where I am in the world, as long as I have a phone signal.

If you could describe SignEasy in one word, what would that be?


Thank you so much, Scott for being a part of SignEasy’s Customer Spotlight series.

If you love SignEasy and has an interesting story to tell us, then email us at We would love to talk to you.


SignEasy Announces New Security Features and Enhancements For iOS 8 App, Aims To Streamline The Way We Access and Sign Digital Paperwork

– Alumni of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Bangalore, India, SignEasy is ranked among the top 10 downloaded business apps for iPhone and iPad, allowing individuals and businesses to access and securely sign and store documents.

– Recipient of the India Innovation and Technology Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan in 2014, SignEasy is bringing a first-of-a-kind security feature by incorporating Touch ID based authentication to their electronic signature solution for iOS 8 devices: “With security as a key tenet of our electronic signature product, we are moving beyond the parameters of a four digit passcode towards the unique makeup of a fingerprint, one of the most secure authentication methods of today’s online world.”

SignEasy integrates Touch ID

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(October 10, 2014): Leveraging Apple’s Touch ID feature introduced for iOS8, SignEasy has integrated the new biometric authentication system that allows its customers to seamlessly and securely add their electronic signature on important documents. With passcode authentication already built into the existing app, the new user-friendly Touch ID system brings a more secure and reliable way for users to sign business and personal documents stored in their email or preferred cloud storage accounts.

“This newly integrated system builds on our already strong security commitment to our clients who view SignEasy app as an essential tool for their business,” explains Founder and CEO Sunil Patro.

The company also introduced support for the document picker extension introduced in iOS 8, which allows users to import a document directly within the app from iCloud and other third party document storage apps. This feature also enables users to easily save the signed document to their preferred cloud storage accounts.

To keep up with the pace of the business world today, people are relying on their mobile devices for efficiency and productivity. Hence, flexibility and the ability to access, process and send important documents online in a secure manner on the go is a luxury that is quickly becoming a necessity. According to a recent CDW IT Monitor survey conducted among a thousand IT decision makers, 74% indicated that using tablet computers and smartphones led to an increase in productivity in their organization while 42% said they experienced significant cost savings.

Recently awarded with the India Innovation and Technology Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan in September 2014, SignEasy brings a first-of-a-kind security feature by incorporating Touch ID based authentication to their electronic signature solution for iOS 8 devices: “With security as a key tenet of our electronic signature product, we are moving beyond the parameters of a four digit passcode towards the unique makeup of a fingerprint, one of the most secure authentication methods of today’s online world.” SignEasy not only increases the efficiency of daily paperwork processes, but also reassures the user of the highest level of user authentication.

These new set of iOS 8 features have been built on top the powerful mobile electronic signature suite offered by SignEasy on iOS, Android, Amazon and BlackBerry. If you want to  expedite paperwork, save costs and be more productive then download SignEasy on your mobile. For a free trial, visit:

About SignEasy

Launched in 2010, SignEasy is the simplest, most convenient and secure app for businesses and professionals to sign and fill documents from smartphones and tablets. Consumers and businesses in realty, law, service, consultancy, sales and insurance use SignEasy’s eSignature app to expedite business turnaround times, close more deals and reduce costs by streamlining their paperwork in business transactions.

SignEasy executes 60% faster than other leading eSignature apps and it cuts document turnaround time by as much as 95% compared to traditional methods of printing, scanning, faxing and shipping paper paperwork. SignEasy seamlessly works with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote and OneDrive. It has been featured on Apple’s App Store homepage in April 2014, selected as one of Top 10 essential business apps and consistently ranks in top 10 grossing business apps on AppStore.

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Aditya Kshirsagar


Five reasons why I joined SignEasy

An analogy to why I am joining SignEasy can be found in Eric Schmidt’s famous statement to Sheryl Sandberg when she was offered a job at Google in its infancy. “If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship , don’t ask what seat. Just get on.”

My story however is humble in comparison. Before I dive into the top five reasons as to why I am joining SignEasy, I am going to briefly describe my journey thus far.

While I was enjoying the scorching Texan summer in Austin earlier this year, I was faced with a tough decision to return to India due to US Visa issues and I started looking for a product management opportunities in India. My mentor at my ex-employer Bazaarvoice introduced me to Sunil, the founder and CEO, SignEasy. From my very first interaction with him, I realised that he has immense clarity about the mobile landscape, the challenges of creating successful monetized products in this domain and a strong professional network in the start-up ecosystem. I was convinced after that call that Bangalore is THE place to be, with its burgeoning product scene and the ability to offer a “confused desi” a place to call home.

The interview process:

While in Bangalore, I met Sunil a couple of times to understand his transition from a Product Manager (PM) to a CEO and his vision of the direction of the product and the company. SignEasy had also recently released a very first-of-a-kind feature called Continuity for Digitized Paperwork across devices, which indicated that the team is focused on anticipating customer needs and leveraging the capabilities of innovative technologies.

When the PM opportunity opened up at SignEasy, meeting with Sree, Sunil and rest of the team was a very exciting experience. Putting pen to paper and drawing up an objective plan for the product, team and my own personal growth for six months was a challenging assignment to do and also the most fulfilling part of the process.

Once my interviews were done and I was awaiting a final decision, I decided to take an adventure trip to the happiest nation on earth, Bhutan! 

Bhutan final pic for blog

Taking in the spectacular views of the serene Punakha valley, I thought about why I wanted to join SignEasy if given an opportunity. Here are the top 5 reasons why I am joining this team.

Growth : “Nothing is set in stone” said Sunil during one of my interviews with him while I was busy asking him a multitude of questions.  Such a statement suggested to me a founder and team that is very open to new ideas to make things better constantly. Growth of the company and personal growth go hand in hand. SignEasy’s growth is seen in the expansion of its team from just two people to twelve members or even the doubling of its downloads crossing 2.2 million. Personal growth to me means doing things I have never done before or deepening the skills that I already have. There are a lot of “firsts” that I expect to handle in this role at SignEasy.

Product: SignEasy is at an interesting inflection point, where it has crossed 2.2 Million downloads, is available in more than 100 countries and is consistently rated as one of the top 10 apps for business . At its crux, it solves a real problem . As more industry verticals integrate SignEasy into their workflows, there are exciting opportunities to add to or diversify the current product and solve newer and bigger problems for the end user. Read more about SignEasy’s evolution here.

People: Honesty and passion for what they do are the two attributes I truly care about while evaluating where I work, who I work for and who I work with. My interaction with the team in the last few weeks has led me to believe that these two attributes do and will determine the long standing success of SignEasy.

Vision : The founding team is passionate about the future of SignEasy and its important for me to work with people who have thought ten steps ahead. For SignEasy, it is not just about the product, but also about the customers we serve through fanatical customer service and the perception we build. Although most companies talk about vision in lofty terms, I felt that the SignEasy team is grounded and had specific goals for the team and the company going forward.

Diversity : Diversity of experience, gender, temperament and the opportunity to build the culture of the company at this stage in its life seemed like a very exciting prospect. Between me and Ananda, we make up about 10% of the female workforce at the company and we couldn’t be more proud.

All these and other thoughts rushed through my mind as I headed back from the picturesque Punakha Valley to my hotel. I was pleasantly surprised to hear my phone beep with an e-mail notification since Wifi is a luxury in Bhutan. The email was titled “Welcome to SignEasy” and had my offer letter in it.

And lo and behold! A nifty app called SignEasy was there for my rescue. I didn’t have to even reach for a printer or a fax machine to send my offer acceptance to the SignEasy team. I would have gotten really weird stares if I had dared to ask for a printer or a scanner in Bhutan! Am glad that SignEasy came handy!

Sending in my offer acceptance signaled the beginning of a new life for me, here in Bangalore and at SignEasy. A sense of deja vu swept over me as I thought of the very reason that Sunil had conceptualized SignEasy. Like me, he too is an enthusiastic globetrotter. He too was pondering “what next?” in life while vacationing in Mexico when he received an offer from a start-up he intended to join in Palo Alto. However unlike me, he didn’t have SignEasy to promptly send in his acceptance. And that’s where this seed was sown.

A real problem, a real solution and a fantastic set of minds driving it forward!

Am home, finally!


An Introduction to Electronic Signatures

In regular conversation, a lot of us tend to use the terms “electronic signature” and “digital signature” interchangeably. They might seem similar, but they definitely aren’t the same. Here are a few quick pointers for you to be able to distinguish between the two.


Electronic Signatures:

An electronic signature, colloquially referred to as an e-signature, denotes any electronic means that indicates that a person has accepted the contents of any electronic message, or is making a confirmation that he/she is the person who has written that message. It is an electronic equivalent of any regular seal or signature.

Many countries, like the United States, the European Union, India, Brazil and Australia, recognize electronic signatures within their jurisdiction as well as traditional signatures, making these e-signed documents completely legal.

Electronic signatures are easier to use. Customers can sign documents online with a single mouse-click, or can also use their fingers on any touch-screen gadget to trace their handwritten signatures onto a document, and this is what makes them popular!

The regulations concerning electronic signatures vary across vendors, which is why to guarantee the safety of documents, customers have to stay in touch with their vendors and periodically check if their electronic signatures are the same. Sometimes, this procedure might have to be repeated if vendors are changed.

Electronic signatures use a type of cryptographic transformation of the data to allow the recipient to prove the origin and integrity of what it holds. Security is also taken care of because these electronic signatures also have user authentication via digital certificates, smart cards or even biometric methods.

E-Signatures are good enough for almost everything, because most contracts (except those that require notarization) can be safely dealt with via electronic means. They are beginning to find a home on all types of business documents, including service contracts and other complex transaction documents. Nowadays, the availability of a variety of cloud-based services have made the process a lot more simple and accurate with additional features.

Digital Signatures:

Digital signatures, on the other hand, fall under the broader category of electronic signatures, but work with a different security system. When a document is signed with a digital signature, it deploys an algorithm called asymmetric cryptography, which essentially links a fingerprint of the document to the identity of the person signing the document. This algorithm selects a private key and a public key (the encryption usually is a series of numbers), produces a signature and then verifies its authenticity.

Unlike what people might imagine this to be, a digital signature alone doesn’t display an image of the signature as proof of consent to a document. In fact, it isn’t part of the document at all! The digital signature is often linked to a document by a database application that a company typically creates to store it.

A digital signature gets permanently embedded, and prevents any outsider from tampering with it. This is one of the primary security benefits associated with digital signatures.
Pros and cons exist for both, electronic and digital signatures. The latter works better in a model when more than one signature is required. However, electronic signatures produce what digital signature technology stops short of. It displays the image of the handwritten signature or the mark of consent, like you would see in the non-electronic medium. What’s better is that it is permanently attached to any document, because the idea behind the method is to duplicate what you’d follow in any traditional business process, and replicate real-world procedures as closely as possible.

We hope this helps you understand the nuances of electronic signatures and you are better informed, and in a  position to evaluate where to use electronic signatures. Excited to try it out? Download SignEasy and give it a shot!


SignEasy App Now Available on Amazon Kindle Fire

SignEasy launches on Amazon App Store

We are happy to announce the update to the SignEasy app on the Amazon App Store.

After the initial port of our Android app, we worked closely with the Amazon Development team and tweaked it to create an app suited especially for Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

This version of the SignEasy app introduces a brand new feature – Continuity for Digitized Paperwork. Some of its benefits are:

1) Secure backup of documents on SignEasy servers for better accessibility
2) Prefilled documents saved as Drafts
3) Cross-device and cross-platform portability
4) Work offline and continue when online
5) Bring your own device (BYOD) to your work and do business related paperwork

Want to know more about continuity? Click here for a handy guide to getting started with it.


SignEasy available for Amazon Kindle Fire

Happy Signing!

— SignEasy Team


SignEasy featured as a recommended business app by Dropbox

SignEasy has been one of the pioneering electronic signature mobile apps that is available on iOS, Android, BB 10 and Amazon. Our users love the functionality of SignEasy and the simplicity provided by Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service amongst our customers, to import documents to sign. In the last three months, we redesigned the app as per iOS 7 standards which help us get featured in the App Store, we celebrated our fourth anniversary and released a feature that was sought after by our users; Continuity for electronic signatures. Phew! It has been an amazing experience and we love the appreciation that we get from our users.

Today, is yet another special day for us and we wanted to share that with you. SignEasy is featured amongst the preferred business apps by Dropbox.




Are you a Dropbox user? Yes? Then you are in luck. To celebrate being featured as one of the preferred business apps, we are offering two months of premium usage for FREE! Follow this link or click on the image below to get the special offer.

Electronic Signatures Dropbox



Getting Started with Continuity for Electronic Signatures on iOS and Android

Recently, we released a brand new feature in SignEasy that allows Continuity to Electronic Signatures allowing you to start your paperwork on one device and continue it from any other device seamlessly.  In this post, we will explain the benefits of this feature and how it works in simple guided steps.

The motivation behind introducing the Continuity feature is due to important observations and understanding of how you (our customers) are using SignEasy at work and home, which are:

1.  Many realtors, lawyers, consultants, service professionals, business travelers, small businesses users, bloggers and the likes, we got a lot of requests asking for a feature that allows for prefilling of documents. Prefilling the forms would help them finish paperwork faster when they are with a customer.

2. Cross platform compatibility is a high priority for our users. More importantly, the ability to switch seamlessly between devices and being able to continue where you left off.

3. Battery life of smartphones can be dicey and our users didn’t want to lose out on business deals due to such an eventuality. Loss and theft of a device is also a concern. In a nutshell, having access to documents at all times across devices.

4. When working offline, there should be a way to sign a document and continue to finalize and send it when the device is online.

The Continuity feature addresses all of the above solutions and allows you to do the following:

1) Secure backup of documents on SignEasy servers for better accessibility

2) Prefilled documents saved as Drafts

3) Cross-device and cross-platform  portability

4) Work offline and continue when online

5) Bring your own device (BYOD) to your work and do the business related paperwork

Here is a quick tutorial on how the Continuity feature works:

1. Save a draft

After you prefill a document and wish to come back to it later for finishing, just tap on “Save Draft”. The document will appear in the Drafts section of your documents list.
Continuity for iOS and Android Devices


2. The draft gets synced to your account

When you save a draft or update a draft, the updated file gets uploaded to server immediately if you are connected to the internet. If the device is offline, the drafts will automatically sync to the server the next time your device has an internet connection. On a new device, if you log into the same SignEasy account, the drafts will automatically download onto the local device for your use.

Continuity for iOS and Android devices draft sync


3. Access the draft from any device

Once you save draft(s) in any device using your SignEasy account, in the event when your primary device runs out of battery, was stolen or any other unforeseen circumstances that makes the device unusable, you can access your important draft documents by logging into any other device running iOS or Android. With Continuity you will always have peace of mind as far as paperwork is concerned.

Continuity for electronic signatures


4. Finalize the draft document

When you are ready to continue your paperwork, just tap “Edit” on an existing draft, make your changes and then finalize in the usual manner. The newly finalized document will appear in “Signed” documents section and the file item from “Drafts” section will be deleted.

Finalize document with electronic Signature

Hope you like the new functionality of SignEasy and benefit from more convenience and flexibility it brings to your business by eliminating the the hassles of paperwork forever.

If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, please send them to We are always happy to hear from you and we read every email that we receive.


SignEasy  Team

SignEasy Introduces Continuity Feature for Electronic Signatures

Company introduces path breaking feature allowing cross-device portability to complete paperwork.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—(July 23, 2014) – Electronic signature company SignEasy introduces a path breaking feature called ‘Continuity’ for Electronic Signatures, allowing cross-device portability to complete paperwork in today’s increasingly mobile lifestyle of knowledge-workers. This feature allows customers to start their digital paperwork on a device and complete it on any other iOS and Android devices seamlessly at a later point of time.

Digital paperwork made easy with the new Continuity feature

SignEasy’s team ideated and created this feature after analyzing the customer feedback and insights. Sunil Patro, Founder & CEO of SignEasy says, “In our journey of 4 years, we have come to know our users and their needs. We understand the fact that SignEasy users are no more tied down to one device and want the same experience across devices. More importantly, we wanted to help them close deals or finish paperwork even with the uncertainty of smartphone battery life.”

The newly introduced ‘Continuity’ feature offers the following capabilities to users:

1) Secure backup of documents on SignEasy servers for better accessibility
With this update, SignEasy’s users will be able to backup and secure their documents on our servers. This will allow data recovery in case of phone theft. Moreover, battery life of smartphones can be unreliable, but with this feature, users will be able to continue paperwork on another smartphone and not risk losing out on business deals due to such an eventuality. SignEasy offers users access to their documents at all times across devices.

2) Pre-filled documents saved as Drafts
SignEasy users such as realtors, lawyers, service professionals, consultants, sales staff and insurance agents, visit many clients within a day, and heavily rely on this feature. In these verticals, the ability to pre-fill a document means expedition of paperwork. Arriving to a client meeting with all the paperwork ready, only awaiting for the final revision and signature of the client, not only saves time but also projects a professional image of your company while delighting your customers.

3) Cross-platform compatibility
A large number of  smartphone and tablet users are using devices on more than one platform. Having understood the fact that cross-platform compatibility is of high priority for our users, we created a way for them to switch seamlessly between devices/platforms while continuing their paperwork from where they left off.

4) Work offline and continue when online
When working offline, SignEasy offers the ability to sign a document. The paperwork can be completed when the device is back online, allowing it to sync with our servers to finalize the document.

5) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to your work
With BYOD policies, SignEasy users can utilize the continuity feature by finalizing their paperwork from their personal devices and/or employer provided and administered devices at your workplace.

The new SignEasy update is available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store with the Continuity feature applicable to Premium and Business plans of SignEasy.

About SignEasy

Launched in 2010, SignEasy is the simplest, most convenient and secure app for businesses and professionals to sign and fill documents from smartphones and tablets. Consumers and businesses in realty, law, service, consultancy, sales and insurance use SignEasy’s eSignature app to expedite business turnaround times, close more deals and reduce costs by streamlining their paperwork in business transactions.

SignEasy executes 60% faster than other leading eSignature apps and it cuts document turnaround time by as much as 95% compared to traditional methods of printing, scanning, faxing and shipping paper paperwork. SignEasy seamlessly works with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote and OneDrive. It has been featured on Apple’s App Store homepage in April 2014, selected as one of Top 10 essential business apps and consistently ranks in top 10 grossing business apps on App Store.

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