An Introduction to Electronic Signatures

In regular conversation, a lot of us tend to use the terms “electronic signature” and “digital signature” interchangeably. They might seem similar, but they definitely aren’t the same. Here are a few quick pointers for you to be able to distinguish between the two.


Electronic Signatures:

An electronic signature, colloquially referred to as an e-signature, denotes any electronic means that indicates that a person has accepted the contents of any electronic message, or is making a confirmation that he/she is the person who has written that message. It is an electronic equivalent of any regular seal or signature.

Many countries, like the United States, the European Union, India, Brazil and Australia, recognize electronic signatures within their jurisdiction as well as traditional signatures, making these e-signed documents completely legal.

Electronic signatures are easier to use. Customers can sign documents online with a single mouse-click, or can also use their fingers on any touch-screen gadget to trace their handwritten signatures onto a document, and this is what makes them popular!

The regulations concerning electronic signatures vary across vendors, which is why to guarantee the safety of documents, customers have to stay in touch with their vendors and periodically check if their electronic signatures are the same. Sometimes, this procedure might have to be repeated if vendors are changed.

Electronic signatures use a type of cryptographic transformation of the data to allow the recipient to prove the origin and integrity of what it holds. Security is also taken care of because these electronic signatures also have user authentication via digital certificates, smart cards or even biometric methods.

E-Signatures are good enough for almost everything, because most contracts (except those that require notarization) can be safely dealt with via electronic means. They are beginning to find a home on all types of business documents, including service contracts and other complex transaction documents. Nowadays, the availability of a variety of cloud-based services have made the process a lot more simple and accurate with additional features.

Digital Signatures:

Digital signatures, on the other hand, fall under the broader category of electronic signatures, but work with a different security system. When a document is signed with a digital signature, it deploys an algorithm called asymmetric cryptography, which essentially links a fingerprint of the document to the identity of the person signing the document. This algorithm selects a private key and a public key (the encryption usually is a series of numbers), produces a signature and then verifies its authenticity.

Unlike what people might imagine this to be, a digital signature alone doesn’t display an image of the signature as proof of consent to a document. In fact, it isn’t part of the document at all! The digital signature is often linked to a document by a database application that a company typically creates to store it.

A digital signature gets permanently embedded, and prevents any outsider from tampering with it. This is one of the primary security benefits associated with digital signatures.
Pros and cons exist for both, electronic and digital signatures. The latter works better in a model when more than one signature is required. However, electronic signatures produce what digital signature technology stops short of. It displays the image of the handwritten signature or the mark of consent, like you would see in the non-electronic medium. What’s better is that it is permanently attached to any document, because the idea behind the method is to duplicate what you’d follow in any traditional business process, and replicate real-world procedures as closely as possible.

We hope this helps you understand the nuances of electronic signatures and you are better informed, and in a  position to evaluate where to use electronic signatures. Excited to try it out? Download SignEasy and give it a shot!

SignEasy App Now Available on Amazon Kindle Fire

SignEasy launches on Amazon App Store

We are happy to announce the update to the SignEasy app on the Amazon App Store.

After the initial port of our Android app, we worked closely with the Amazon Development team and tweaked it to create an app suited especially for Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

This version of the SignEasy app introduces a brand new feature – Continuity for Digitized Paperwork. Some of its benefits are:

1) Secure backup of documents on SignEasy servers for better accessibility
2) Prefilled documents saved as Drafts
3) Cross-device and cross-platform portability
4) Work offline and continue when online
5) Bring your own device (BYOD) to your work and do business related paperwork

Want to know more about continuity? Click here for a handy guide to getting started with it.


SignEasy available for Amazon Kindle Fire

Happy Signing!

— SignEasy Team

SignEasy featured as a recommended business app by Dropbox

SignEasy has been one of the pioneering electronic signature mobile apps that is available on iOS, Android, BB 10 and Amazon. Our users love the functionality of SignEasy and the simplicity provided by Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service amongst our customers, to import documents to sign. In the last three months, we redesigned the app as per iOS 7 standards which help us get featured in the App Store, we celebrated our fourth anniversary and released a feature that was sought after by our users; Continuity for electronic signatures. Phew! It has been an amazing experience and we love the appreciation that we get from our users.

Today, is yet another special day for us and we wanted to share that with you. SignEasy is featured amongst the preferred business apps by Dropbox.




Are you a Dropbox user? Yes? Then you are in luck. To celebrate being featured as one of the preferred business apps, we are offering two months of premium usage for FREE! Follow this link or click on the image below to get the special offer.

Electronic Signatures Dropbox


Getting Started with Continuity for Electronic Signatures on iOS and Android

Recently, we released a brand new feature in SignEasy that allows Continuity to Electronic Signatures allowing you to start your paperwork on one device and continue it from any other device seamlessly.  In this post, we will explain the benefits of this feature and how it works in simple guided steps.

The motivation behind introducing the Continuity feature is due to important observations and understanding of how you (our customers) are using SignEasy at work and home, which are:

1.  Many realtors, lawyers, consultants, service professionals, business travelers, small businesses users, bloggers and the likes, we got a lot of requests asking for a feature that allows for prefilling of documents. Prefilling the forms would help them finish paperwork faster when they are with a customer.

2. Cross platform compatibility is a high priority for our users. More importantly, the ability to switch seamlessly between devices and being able to continue where you left off.

3. Battery life of smartphones can be dicey and our users didn’t want to lose out on business deals due to such an eventuality. Loss and theft of a device is also a concern. In a nutshell, having access to documents at all times across devices.

4. When working offline, there should be a way to sign a document and continue to finalize and send it when the device is online.

The Continuity feature addresses all of the above solutions and allows you to do the following:

1) Secure backup of documents on SignEasy servers for better accessibility

2) Prefilled documents saved as Drafts

3) Cross-device and cross-platform  portability

4) Work offline and continue when online

5) Bring your own device (BYOD) to your work and do the business related paperwork

Here is a quick tutorial on how the Continuity feature works:

1. Save a draft

After you prefill a document and wish to come back to it later for finishing, just tap on “Save Draft”. The document will appear in the Drafts section of your documents list.
Continuity for iOS and Android Devices


2. The draft gets synced to your account

When you save a draft or update a draft, the updated file gets uploaded to server immediately if you are connected to the internet. If the device is offline, the drafts will automatically sync to the server the next time your device has an internet connection. On a new device, if you log into the same SignEasy account, the drafts will automatically download onto the local device for your use.

Continuity for iOS and Android devices draft sync


3. Access the draft from any device

Once you save draft(s) in any device using your SignEasy account, in the event when your primary device runs out of battery, was stolen or any other unforeseen circumstances that makes the device unusable, you can access your important draft documents by logging into any other device running iOS or Android. With Continuity you will always have peace of mind as far as paperwork is concerned.

Continuity for electronic signatures


4. Finalize the draft document

When you are ready to continue your paperwork, just tap “Edit” on an existing draft, make your changes and then finalize in the usual manner. The newly finalized document will appear in “Signed” documents section and the file item from “Drafts” section will be deleted.

Finalize document with electronic Signature

Hope you like the new functionality of SignEasy and benefit from more convenience and flexibility it brings to your business by eliminating the the hassles of paperwork forever.

If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, please send them to We are always happy to hear from you and we read every email that we receive.


SignEasy  Team

SignEasy Introduces Continuity Feature for Electronic Signatures

Company introduces path breaking feature allowing cross-device portability to complete paperwork.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—(July 23, 2014) – Electronic signature company SignEasy introduces a path breaking feature called ‘Continuity’ for Electronic Signatures, allowing cross-device portability to complete paperwork in today’s increasingly mobile lifestyle of knowledge-workers. This feature allows customers to start their digital paperwork on a device and complete it on any other iOS and Android devices seamlessly at a later point of time.

Digital paperwork made easy with the new Continuity feature

SignEasy’s team ideated and created this feature after analyzing the customer feedback and insights. Sunil Patro, Founder & CEO of SignEasy says, “In our journey of 4 years, we have come to know our users and their needs. We understand the fact that SignEasy users are no more tied down to one device and want the same experience across devices. More importantly, we wanted to help them close deals or finish paperwork even with the uncertainty of smartphone battery life.”

The newly introduced ‘Continuity’ feature offers the following capabilities to users:

1) Secure backup of documents on SignEasy servers for better accessibility
With this update, SignEasy’s users will be able to backup and secure their documents on our servers. This will allow data recovery in case of phone theft. Moreover, battery life of smartphones can be unreliable, but with this feature, users will be able to continue paperwork on another smartphone and not risk losing out on business deals due to such an eventuality. SignEasy offers users access to their documents at all times across devices.

2) Pre-filled documents saved as Drafts
SignEasy users such as realtors, lawyers, service professionals, consultants, sales staff and insurance agents, visit many clients within a day, and heavily rely on this feature. In these verticals, the ability to pre-fill a document means expedition of paperwork. Arriving to a client meeting with all the paperwork ready, only awaiting for the final revision and signature of the client, not only saves time but also projects a professional image of your company while delighting your customers.

3) Cross-platform compatibility
A large number of  smartphone and tablet users are using devices on more than one platform. Having understood the fact that cross-platform compatibility is of high priority for our users, we created a way for them to switch seamlessly between devices/platforms while continuing their paperwork from where they left off.

4) Work offline and continue when online
When working offline, SignEasy offers the ability to sign a document. The paperwork can be completed when the device is back online, allowing it to sync with our servers to finalize the document.

5) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to your work
With BYOD policies, SignEasy users can utilize the continuity feature by finalizing their paperwork from their personal devices and/or employer provided and administered devices at your workplace.

The new SignEasy update is available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store with the Continuity feature applicable to Premium and Business plans of SignEasy.

About SignEasy

Launched in 2010, SignEasy is the simplest, most convenient and secure app for businesses and professionals to sign and fill documents from smartphones and tablets. Consumers and businesses in realty, law, service, consultancy, sales and insurance use SignEasy’s eSignature app to expedite business turnaround times, close more deals and reduce costs by streamlining their paperwork in business transactions.

SignEasy executes 60% faster than other leading eSignature apps and it cuts document turnaround time by as much as 95% compared to traditional methods of printing, scanning, faxing and shipping paper paperwork. SignEasy seamlessly works with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote and OneDrive. It has been featured on Apple’s App Store homepage in April 2014, selected as one of Top 10 essential business apps and consistently ranks in top 10 grossing business apps on App Store.

For further queries:

Aditya Kshirsagar
Skype: Aditya.Kshirsagar

SignEasy – Get 15% Discount on Premium Accounts on Our 4th Anniversary

July 20th 2010 saw SignEasy launch on the Apple App Store. One of the first electronic signature apps available on the market at the time of its debut, we have come a long way since then. To celebrate our journey, we are offering a 15% discount on SignEasy premium accounts!

SignEasy offering 15% discount on premium accounts

Our app’s journey began in 2009 when Sunil Patro, founder & CEO of SignEasy, collaborated with Loganathan Sivaswamy (founding engineer) and Ananda Nunez (customer support).

They started working on the product and then released the app, which exceeded all expectations and was monetized within 6 months of launch.

The team, which was working remotely in United States, Mexico and India, decided to form a company to create the world’s simplest and most secure electronic signature app. The app is doing extremely well and we are in the process of expanding our team (we are hiring!)

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal customers. To thank you, we are offering a 15% discount on premium accounts.

Steps to get a discount on premium accounts:

Steps to get a discount on SignEasy premium accountsThank you
SignEasy Team

The Impact of SignEasy being featured on the App Store

SignEasy has been consistently ranking in top 50 iPad Apps and top 100 iPhone apps in business category, download-wise. Post the launch of our completely redesigned iOS app, we got featured on the App Store homepage and we have shared our experience with tips on the same.  In this post, we will be discussing the impact of being featured on the App Store.

Immediately after the feature, we saw a dramatic increase in our ranking (2nd rank for iPad,  5th rank for iPhone in US App Store and in top 10 for many more countries). In terms of the impact on downloads, our daily downloads increased by 5x on the day of the feature coverage and it stayed at the same level for the whole week. As it turns out, Apple rotates the list of “Best New Apps” every week, beginning on Thursday. Hence, we went down in the rankings a little bit during the following week and after.

Download Rank SignEasy

Being featured on the App Store increased our downloads but it did not impact our bottom line. We believe that the increased visibility led to more users trying the app but without the intention to use or purchase the app immediately.

SignEasy: Fill & Sign Documents

Our revenue chart shows that we pretty much continued to stay in the top 10 to 20 grossing apps in business category without any significant uptake in those rankings during the App Store feature period and the following months even. This indicates that the intended users will find organically the app in app Store and purchase as and when needed, as per the expected user flow of discover, download, use and purchase actions.

SignEasy Grossing Rank App Store Rank post iOS 7


After-effects of being featured in the App Store

After the week of special App Store feature, you can still appear in the other spots called “App Store Collections” which are timely and seasonally focused. In our case, we were featured in “Go Paperless”.


Go Paperless with SignEasy

At the end of April, Apple highlighted the best new apps from the current month and we appeared in the “Amazing New Apps” of April.

SignEasy Amazing App Feature

We got featured in many categories across different App Store collections in more than 100 countries.


April May SignEasy Featured across App Stores

The App Store mentions increased our app visibility, driving downloads and brand awareness of SignEasy. Considering the fact that we do not spend any money on marketing or acquiring app installs, this was a fruitful exercise. Moreover, the feature led to us landing on a very popular online tech show by Leo “The Tech Guy” Laporte and a local USA TV channel.

Lessons learned

There is no clear path to being featured on the App Store, neither is there a definitive result that you can expect. The parameters that we as developers can control are:

1) Improve customer experience to solve their problems in the simplest manner.
2) Continue building a relationship with Apple’s developer relations team to seek their feedback during major updates of your app or integrate with the new technologies in every new major update of Apple’s iOS. This definitely catches the attention of App Store editors.

There are different ways to get to the App Stardom, it could either be from the top (getting featured on App Store home page) or from the bottom (getting featured from “what’s hot” and “new and noteworthy” sections) in the App Store. Eventually your app will bubble up to App Store’s top carousal if you continue to believe in your product and excel towards customer awesomeness while keeping up with Apple’s latest and newest iOS design guidelines and technologies.

SignEasy Android Version 3.1.1 adds import from SD card and export signature

We are happy to announce the latest version of SignEasy that adds two key features requested by our customers for a long time.  With this update, you will be able to easily import documents from your SD card for signing and another advanced feature is the ability to export signatures so that you can send a personalized email to people which is signed by you.

SignEasy Android


What’s New:

Import documents from SD Card:

  • On the Documents screen click on the import button on top right corner
  • Click on File Import
  • Browse the list of files and directories in your SD Card
  • Tap on your file to import the document onto SignEasy


Import documents via SD Card


Export Signature (Only available to Premium users):

  • Swipe to your right to open up the sliding drawer
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Advanced Features
  • Tap on Export Signature
  • Choose the platform through which you want to export your signature and hit send

Export signature via email


SignEasy Android

We hope you like these new features and we are sure that it will help you sign paperwork more effortlessly. Do let us know your feedback and comments for improving the app even further.

The SignEasy Team

The journey of SignEasy to getting featured on the App Store

In a world that is fast digitizing, there are seldom original ideas that become a solution to a real problem. Three and a half years ago, I stumbled onto the idea for SignEasy while vacationing in Mexico. Back then, digital signature as a field was still in nascent stages. Since, the technology has matured and so have we. Over the years, we have reached over 2 million downloads on the App Store with more than 10,000 highly rated reviews. We have consistently been ranked in the top 50 grossing business apps. As a developer, we were happy except for one nagging itch (known to all developers) to be featured on the App Store.

Through the years, we have learned a lot about the App Store ecosystem through trial and error. In this post, I am going to share a few learning’s that led to SignEasy being featured on the App Store on April 2nd, 2014.

As an app developer, being featured on the App Store is the Mecca of recognition. To be featured on the App Store, we took a two-pronged approach keeping the best interests of our customers and Apple at heart.

 1. What does Apple want?

A unique and useful app that solves a real problem whilst adhering to the design standards set by Apple – a daunting task in itself. The basic idea of the exercise is to make sure that the app looks beautiful and performs exceptionally well on iOS devices.

2. What do our customers want?

We launched SignEasy in 2010 and as an early innovator in the mobile e-signature space, we took pride in what we had achieved. We always made it a point to listen to our customers to create an easier, simpler and secure app to sign documents on the go. We were successful and the fact was reflected in the amount of the high number of app reviews in the App Store.

We were on top of our game in respect to productivity, but were lacking in the design paradigm. When iOS7 launched at the end of 2013, we took that opportunity to rebuild SignEasy from ground up to make it the simplest, fastest and most intuitive app ever built for people to sign paperwork effortlessly from their mobile devices. It took 5 months of effort with a cross-functional team involving designers, developers, product manager and support staff to re-imagine the signing experience for consumers and business professionals.

Here is how SignEasy looked before the release of iOS7* ready version:

SignEasy prior to iOS 7 redesign SignEasy userflow before iOS 7 for App Store
Here is how SignEasy looks now after the redesign for iOS7:

SignEasy iOS 7 overhaul SignEasy iOS7 userflow


We knew this would be one of our best chances to get noticed by App Store editorial team for a promotion if we can reach out to them somehow through a referral, introduction or some secret connection (we even considered VooDoo) high up in the venture capital or media world. Unfortunately, nothing ended up showing us any light.

The Eureka Moment

I was brainstorming with friend of mine at RefreshApp, he suggested that I search for App Store Managers on LinkedIn and reach out directly. A simple search query gave me a result of potential App Store Managers. After identifying a couple of App Store Managers using the aforementioned LinkedIn query (category and geographic region wise), I sent them a brief pitch about SignEasy and our story of organic growth.

The two things that I took care off while communicating with the good folks at Apple were:

1) Establish our credibility

2) How our design ethos is helping customers take productivity to the next level

In a day or so, I got a response from Apple requesting me to setup a review meeting in 2 weeks. In the call, he went through the user flow of the app, suggested certain UI patterns to suit our user’s needs, pointed out few UX  issues.

He was certain that if we could fix these issues and then resubmit the app, he would be in a position to recommend SignEasy to the editorial team. We were more than happy to oblige to his requests (In fact those changes made sense because at the end our users benefited from them) and resubmitted the app.

A couple of days went by, suddenly we received a request from iTunes for special artwork (required for an upcoming promotion). We had no idea of what would be coming our way. We were jittery and ecstatic at the same time, after 4 years of effort and post the 5th major App Update, we hoped (and prayed) that lady luck would finally come our way.

The update was approved and released on April 2nd, 2014, we hadn’t heard from Apple. Other developers had warned us about the secretive nature of Apple’s functioning and excepting a heads up about a promotion is not their style. And heck, we were not complaining.

3rd April, 2014 was one of the best morning for me and the SignEasy team. A dear friend informed me that SignEasy was showing up in Best new Apps Carousel on the App Store homepage!


App Store SignEasy featured as best new app


SignEasy Best New Apps on App Store


A surge of emotion, intense joy and the satisfaction of our achievement as a 10 member team bootstrapped without any external funding was fulfilling. Personally, I feel proud of our determination and attention to customer excellence that has let us build an app, which got recognized by Apple.

This was our learning from the App Store, we would love to hear your story, learn from your experience with the App Store. We are hopeful that the product app start-ups in India would benefit from these shared learning’s.

In our next post, we will discuss the impact of being featured on the App Store. Stay tuned!

*WWDC 2014 saw the launch of iOS 8 and we are looking into it. Having the app updated is a prerequisite to customer satisfaction.

SignEasy integrates with Microsoft OneDrive

We are happy to announce that the latest version of SignEasy iOS App v5.0.9 supports linking your Microsoft OneDrive account to your SignEasy account. With this update, you will be able to easily import your OneDrive files into SignEasy for signing and seamlessly save them back to your OneDrive folder – all with in SignEasy app.

Head to ‘Settings’ to link your accounts and follow this three step tutorial to sign your first OneDrive document with SignEasy:

importing file from OneDrive

Selecting a file from OneDrive
Sign and save to OneDrive


When Microsoft launched the apps for Word, Excel and Powerpoint on iPad, each quickly shot up to the top 5 ranks in the productivity category on the App Store. Since SignEasy is used more than 50% of the time on iPad and we know that a majority of contracts, invoices, reports and agreements are done using Microsoft Office, it made sense for us to ensure that our app worked seamlessly with OneDrive storage.

We hope you like this integration, do let us know your feedback and comments for improving the app even further.

The SignEasy Team

Enhanced document interaction with the new SignEasy App for iOS 7

The new SignEasy App  is organized around what matters most: Your Documents. This is why the new home screen of the app is the Document List. Read on to know how you can benefit from the new document related features in SignEasy app for ios7.


Smart Search: No more wasting time searching for your documents.

If you are looking for a particular document, use the smart search feature in the Documents screen to narrow your search. Be specific by choosing a document category: All, Draft, Original or Signed.

Notice you can also go directly to a specific document list by tapping on All Documents and choosing from the drop down menu options.



All your document information in one place

We added a document detail screen so you can easily access your file’s information. For signed documents we have added the checksum code, a unique code which proves that your document was securely signed with SignEasy. In this screen, you can also perform different actions on a document such as Rename, Delete and Reimport.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.46.49 AM


Multiple selection of documents to email / delete

Make the best use of your time, send multiple signed documents by email and delete unnecessary files from SignEasy app in one go. To do so, swipe on any given file on the document list from right to left and choose an action from the bottom tool bar, Email or Delete. 


How to sign documents with the new SignEasy App for ios7

Our primary focus while redesigning the app was to streamline the signing process. In this post we share with you the UX enhancements made to the new signing flow of SignEasy’s iOS App. Follow the steps below to get through your paperwork in a breeze!

1. Tap and Zoom. Before entering any element, zoom in the area to be filled out, do so by moving your fingers away from each other.  Zooming in will allow you to easily place any element on the page. This feature is specially useful to preview a document before finalizing.

2. Select the type of entry from the new menu tool bar at the bottom. We reduced the number of taps and screens necessary to fill and sign a document. For example, now you can directly tap on the date icon and it will automatically display on the screen. To lock it in place and continue with your document simply tap anywhere on the screen.

3. Resize your entry. To adjust the size of an element simply tap on it and then drag the arrow towards the right or left in order to make the element bigger or smaller.



The New SignEasy is featured in the AppStore among “Best New Apps”


As happy as we are with this news, we are also excited to read the reviews from our users with regards to the new app design and workflow. So far, the response has been mostly positive.


signeasy appstore review 2

signeasy appstore review 3

signeasy appstore review 5

For those who are having a difficulty in adjusting to the new way of doing things with SignEasy, please send us an email to with your suggestions, we are committed to make your life simpler, so rest assured that we are taking notes and putting them together for our future updates.

If you haven’t tried the new app yet, give it a try here.

– Ananda Nunez



Introducing the new SignEasy completely redesigned for iOS7


SignEasy was born on iOS, we released one of the first document signing apps in the mobile space back in the fall of 2010. Since then, millions of users from all over the world have downloaded, used and given tons of feedback and ideas on how to make SignEasy even better and this is how we’ve continuously improved the app.

When Apple introduced iOS7 around the end of 2013, we did not just want to reskin the existing app with the look and feel of iOS7. Instead, we wanted to take the opportunity to rebuild the user experience in SignEasy to make it the simplest, fastest and most intuitive app ever built for people to sign paperwork effortlessly from their mobile devices.

Today, we are introducing the new SignEasy completely redesigned for iOS7, a revamped app for iPhone and iPad –  rebuilt by keeping OUR CUSTOMERS in mind and refined, polished and handcrafted for iOS7. With the SignEasy v5.0 app, you will be able to sign and complete your paperwork faster than ever before.

Some of the key improvements are:

  • Faster workflow: Upto 75% less clicks to sign a document
  • Easier to fill and review documents: Instant edit and delete in-page, tap and zoom on all document elements, smarter search and organization of documents
  • Offline signing: You can fill and save your signed documents even while not being connected to the internet.

Here’s a peak into the newly revamped SignEasy in action!

Try the new SignEasy app today and let us know your thoughts and feedback.

– Sunil Patro & the Team at SignEasy

5 Reasons to make the switch to a Paperless Office

paperless office

Although the thought would have been inconceivable at one point of time, the sheer magnitude to which technology has developed today makes it almost impractical to use paper in an office. As of today, many large corporations have made the switch to a paperless office while smaller organizations are gradually following this pattern. Before getting to the benefits, let’s take a look at some statistics uncovered by 
The Paperless Project:

  • The average employee spends about 30-40% of his time physically looking for documents
  • Each document wastes an average of 18 minutes spent searching
  • Most documents are typically copied 9-11 times
  • Paper needs grow by 22% a year. This means any given company’s paper will double in 3.3 years.
  • Filing costs average $20 per document.

Going paperless is certainly not an overnight process but the important thing is to start. Consider these 5 reasons to make the switch to a Paperless Office:

1. Improves customer service. Customers want efficiency. Paperless offices allow employees to address customer demands a lot more quickly than their physical counterparts – the longest it takes to retrieve any document is a few seconds.
2. Saves time. It’s common – even uncanny – for offices to misplace documents and for employees to spend hours searching for them. In an age where most companies charge and are charged by the hour, this is extremely undesirable.
3. Brings down costs. Filing cabinets, printer ink cartridges, and even the very paper all cost money and as any large corporation is aware; it’s the little things that add up to big things. Eliminating these costs has the potential to save companies untold fortunes. Copying and distribution is done so efficiently in a paperless office that printer use is reserved for what really needs to be printed.
4. More Secure. Over 70% of all offices in existence would crumble in under a month if a calamity consumed all the documents. There’s barely any room for such a situation in a paperless office where everything is stored in the cloud and backed up in hard drives.
5. Ecofriendly. As important as all the above benefits, paperless offices help contribute to an eco-conscious environment, where the planet and its resources are not taken for granted.

Give some thought to the idea and consider making the switch!

3 eco-friendly tools for healthcare professionals to streamline work processes


Efficient management of resources is a topic that needs to be urgently addressed by the healthcare industry around the globe. In the US alone, hospitals and medical facilities generate 6600 tons of waste per day, the majority comprised of landfill waste such as paper and cardboard boxes. Luckily, technology can contribute to cut down on many of these costs, specially those related to paperwork.

Here are 3  eco-friendly ways for healthcare professionals to streamline work processes while significantly cutting down on paper related costs:

1) Online scheduling of appointments

Centres such as the Kings College Hospital have been implementing strict deadlines to bring about a paperless environment, using handheld computers to manage patient profiles and appointments. They even send reminders to patients via SMS, providing a telephone number in case the patient needs to cancel.

2) Electronic Medical Records

EMRs can have a massive impact on long term cost reduction; unfortunately only about 20-25% of hospitals in the USA have adopted this method. SAP Clinical Task Tracker is a widely used mobile app that allows patient tracking and maintaining EMRs.

3) Digital Signing

Physician patient records, hospital discharge papers and insurance billing releases are often printed out and signed on paper. Employing digital document signing methods such as SignEasy can reduce these unnecessary costs.

Until recently, many healthcare institutions were reluctant to make changes towards a paperless workplace due to the implications of the transition process. However they’ve started to realize that in the long run, this is a small price to pay for the benefits of an increasing paperless system.



1) Cut in costs

A recent case study shows a hospital that went paperless – the South eastern Indiana Health Organization – and saw both a 57 percent user adoption rate increase and a 50 percent cut in costs in three months.

2) Increased efficiency of the medical staff

A paperless system will cut down on wasteful time as medical professionals are able to easily locate critical documents through a quick digital search. Apps such as SAP and Evernote allow physicians to store details digitally, making it much simpler to retrieve records about any patient in moments.

3) Simple maintenance

Paper storage involves filing cabinets, files and a number of other accessories all of which consume a lot of space making it difficult to manage. In addition, wear and tear over time takes its toll on files. Since digital files are stored in a virtual environment, none of these factors need to be considered.


Switching to a paperless setting also helps decrease the facility’s carbon footprint, which has become a serious problem that institutions can no longer ignore. The fact is, going paperless can make a huge impact on many fronts, give it a try!




SignEasy got featured in CNBC Young Turks

We are happy to share that Sunil Patro, founder of SignEasy, was recently interviewed on the demo day at Microsoft Accelerator by CNBC Young Turks program, one of the longest running shows on entrepreneurship. To hear the thoughts of our founder on the exciting journey so far and the path ahead for SignEasy, skip to 2:50 in the video below.



How is an eSignature App relevant during the holiday season?

The holiday season is here and whether you are traveling for business or to enjoy a peaceful family vacation, receiving a document which requires your signature is an increasingly common scenario. Not so long ago this would have implied lots of stress and quite possibly a change of travel plans. But today many things are changing and it’s important to stay up to date with technology and its ways to increase the quality of our lives.

So, how is an eSignature App relevant during the holiday season?

Rather than running behind people, scanners or fax machines, an online document signing app gracefully allows you to close end of the year sales and contracts with remarkable simplicity and without having to change your travel plans.  As you wait to board your plane, you can sign and send back a document within minutes! Don’t take our word for it, read what our users have to say:


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Since taking a vacation does not necessarily mean you are free from unexpected paperwork, we are happy to contribute to a peaceful holiday season.

Happy Signing!

– The SignEasy Team


The new SignEasy App is now available on Google Play Store



The new SignEasy App is now available on Google Play Store.

SignEasy App underwent a thorough redesign with the aim to become the most user friendly and powerful electronic signature app for Android business users.

The major update release includes new features as well as enhancements in the signing technology. The strokes in the new SignEasy for Android are more ink-like. In fact, users can also opt to sign on a piece of paper, take a picture of the signature and import it into the app from the photo library.

The most powerful features in these release include:
  1. The ability to add images, stamps and logos to a document
  2. Auto-forwarding signed files to a secondary email address
  3. Support for international characters. Now, users can sign and fill documents in any world alphabet or script and do business with the entire world.


For a detailed tutorial of the App, watch this video:

SignEasy joins the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program

Image from TheNextWeb

You come across a meaningful problem and you work on the solution. If this problem is also being faced by a greater portion of mankind, your work acquires a greater purpose and the journey just gets more exciting and fun. This has been the underlying motivation for me and the people who have worked at SignEasy for the last 3 years: Solving a real problem!

I still remember the summer of 2009 when the idea struck me while running around for a printer and fax machine on a beach vacation. When we launched SignEasy App as a consumer focused App for signing documents on the go in July 2010, it was the first of a kind to get a glance from people “Wow! Signing documents from your mobile is so simple!”

We firmly believe that paper should not get in the way of anyone’s business or personal lives and hence have been at work to deliver the best-in-class mobile signature solution for consumers and businesses of all kinds, from a venture capitalist in Boston to a telecommunications firm in Utah to a medical researcher in South Africa.

Over the last year, we have seen an increasing demand to use SignEasy from small and medium businesses all over the world. Companies are streamlining their operations by exchanging time sensitive documents between office teams and field staff.

In the continuation of our journey to help businesses be more efficient and productive while making the lives of people easier and hassle-free, we wanted to work with a set of mentors, advisors and industry experts who believe in our mission of making the world paperless day by day, business by business and person by person.

Today, we are happy to announce that SignEasy joins the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program.

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator is one of the best accelerators worldwide with extensive resources, strong ties to diverse industries and access to a large network of entrepreneurs and mentors. Since the launch of the Accelerator programs two years ago, 114 startups have graduated, and nearly all that sought a subsequent round of funding received it. Considering the nature of our ambitions and the global appeal of SignEasy, it made perfect sense for us to apply to this world class program. We are very excited to be part of the Microsoft Accelerator’s 2013 winter batch in Bangalore and we look forward to make it easier, simpler and more convenient for the world to do business.

– Sunil Patro
CEO of SignEasy


* Image of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator office taken by TheNextWeb.


SignEasy announces support for filenames in any international language



Every day, thousands of documents are signed and processed with SignEasy from over 100 countries worldwide. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that one of the most requested features was the ability for SignEasy to handle filenames containing their native alphabets or scripts. In this respect, we made it a priority to take actions which would ensure our international customers could finish their paperwork in their language of choice.

Happily, today SignEasy announces support for filenames in any international language.

Tell me more …

  • Because people across the globe do business in different languages, we realized our non-English customers were having a tough time uploading their documents into the app, and that was because our system could not recognize the international characters of the file name.
  • It was a big challenge for our engineering team who worked over 2 months figuring out a way for our users to be able to import documents in any world language.
  • With our latest update release, users from all over the world can now import their files in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even Arabic and Hebrew which are read and written from right to left.

So go ahead, upload any document into SignEasy hassle-free, irregardless of the characters included in your document’s name. If you find any language that we don’t support, feel free to email me at knunez at

Happy Signing!

Ananda K. Nunez