Enhanced document interaction with the new SignEasy App for ios7

The new SignEasy App  is organized around what matters most: Your Documents. This is why the new home screen of the app is the Document List. Read on to know how you can benefit from the new document related features in SignEasy app for ios7.


Smart Search: No more wasting time searching for your documents.

If you are looking for a particular document, use the smart search feature in the Documents screen to narrow your search. Be specific by choosing a document category: All, Draft, Original or Signed.

Notice you can also go directly to a specific document list by tapping on All Documents and choosing from the drop down menu options.



All your document information in one place

We added a document detail screen so you can easily access your file’s information. For signed documents we have added the checksum code, a unique code which proves that your document was securely signed with SignEasy. In this screen, you can also perform different actions on a document such as Rename, Delete and Reimport.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.46.49 AM


Multiple selection of documents to email / delete

Make the best use of your time, send multiple signed documents by email and delete unnecessary files from SignEasy app in one go. To do so, swipe on any given file on the document list from right to left and choose an action from the bottom tool bar, Email or Delete. 


How to sign documents with the new SignEasy App for ios7

Our primary focus while redesigning the app was to streamline the signing process. In this post we share with you the UX enhancements made to the new signing flow of SignEasy’s iOS App. Follow the steps below to get through your paperwork in a breeze!

1. Tap and Zoom. Before entering any element, zoom in the area to be filled out, do so by moving your fingers away from each other.  Zooming in will allow you to easily place any element on the page. This feature is specially useful to preview a document before finalizing.

2. Select the type of entry from the new menu tool bar at the bottom. We reduced the number of taps and screens necessary to fill and sign a document. For example, now you can directly tap on the date icon and it will automatically display on the screen. To lock it in place and continue with your document simply tap anywhere on the screen.

3. Resize your entry. To adjust the size of an element simply tap on it and then drag the arrow towards the right or left in order to make the element bigger or smaller.



The New SignEasy is featured in the AppStore among “Best New Apps”


As happy as we are with this news, we are also excited to read the reviews from our users with regards to the new app design and workflow. So far, the response has been mostly positive.


signeasy appstore review 2

signeasy appstore review 3

signeasy appstore review 5

For those who are having a difficulty in adjusting to the new way of doing things with SignEasy, please send us an email to support@getsigneasy.com with your suggestions, we are committed to make your life simpler, so rest assured that we are taking notes and putting them together for our future updates.

If you haven’t tried the new app yet, give it a try here.

- Ananda Nunez



Introducing the new SignEasy completely redesigned for iOS7


SignEasy was born on iOS, we released one of the first document signing apps in the mobile space back in the fall of 2010. Since then, millions of users from all over the world have downloaded, used and given tons of feedback and ideas on how to make SignEasy even better and this is how we’ve continuously improved the app.

When Apple introduced iOS7 around the end of 2013, we did not just want to reskin the existing app with the look and feel of iOS7. Instead, we wanted to take the opportunity to rebuild the user experience in SignEasy to make it the simplest, fastest and most intuitive app ever built for people to sign paperwork effortlessly from their mobile devices.

Today, we are introducing the new SignEasy completely redesigned for iOS7, a revamped app for iPhone and iPad –  rebuilt by keeping OUR CUSTOMERS in mind and refined, polished and handcrafted for iOS7. With the SignEasy v5.0 app, you will be able to sign and complete your paperwork faster than ever before.

Some of the key improvements are:

  • Faster workflow: Upto 75% less clicks to sign a document
  • Easier to fill and review documents: Instant edit and delete in-page, tap and zoom on all document elements, smarter search and organization of documents
  • Offline signing: You can fill and save your signed documents even while not being connected to the internet.

Here’s a peak into the newly revamped SignEasy in action!

Try the new SignEasy app today and let us know your thoughts and feedback.

- Sunil Patro & the Team at SignEasy

5 Reasons to make the switch to a Paperless Office

paperless office

Although the thought would have been inconceivable at one point of time, the sheer magnitude to which technology has developed today makes it almost impractical to use paper in an office. As of today, many large corporations have made the switch to a paperless office while smaller organizations are gradually following this pattern. Before getting to the benefits, let’s take a look at some statistics uncovered by 
The Paperless Project:

  • The average employee spends about 30-40% of his time physically looking for documents
  • Each document wastes an average of 18 minutes spent searching
  • Most documents are typically copied 9-11 times
  • Paper needs grow by 22% a year. This means any given company’s paper will double in 3.3 years.
  • Filing costs average $20 per document.

Going paperless is certainly not an overnight process but the important thing is to start. Consider these 5 reasons to make the switch to a Paperless Office:

1. Improves customer service. Customers want efficiency. Paperless offices allow employees to address customer demands a lot more quickly than their physical counterparts – the longest it takes to retrieve any document is a few seconds.
2. Saves time. It’s common – even uncanny – for offices to misplace documents and for employees to spend hours searching for them. In an age where most companies charge and are charged by the hour, this is extremely undesirable.
3. Brings down costs. Filing cabinets, printer ink cartridges, and even the very paper all cost money and as any large corporation is aware; it’s the little things that add up to big things. Eliminating these costs has the potential to save companies untold fortunes. Copying and distribution is done so efficiently in a paperless office that printer use is reserved for what really needs to be printed.
4. More Secure. Over 70% of all offices in existence would crumble in under a month if a calamity consumed all the documents. There’s barely any room for such a situation in a paperless office where everything is stored in the cloud and backed up in hard drives.
5. Ecofriendly. As important as all the above benefits, paperless offices help contribute to an eco-conscious environment, where the planet and its resources are not taken for granted.

Give some thought to the idea and consider making the switch!

3 eco-friendly tools for healthcare professionals to streamline work processes


Efficient management of resources is a topic that needs to be urgently addressed by the healthcare industry around the globe. In the US alone, hospitals and medical facilities generate 6600 tons of waste per day, the majority comprised of landfill waste such as paper and cardboard boxes. Luckily, technology can contribute to cut down on many of these costs, specially those related to paperwork.

Here are 3  eco-friendly ways for healthcare professionals to streamline work processes while significantly cutting down on paper related costs:

1) Online scheduling of appointments

Centres such as the Kings College Hospital have been implementing strict deadlines to bring about a paperless environment, using handheld computers to manage patient profiles and appointments. They even send reminders to patients via SMS, providing a telephone number in case the patient needs to cancel.

2) Electronic Medical Records

EMRs can have a massive impact on long term cost reduction; unfortunately only about 20-25% of hospitals in the USA have adopted this method. SAP Clinical Task Tracker is a widely used mobile app that allows patient tracking and maintaining EMRs.

3) Digital Signing

Physician patient records, hospital discharge papers and insurance billing releases are often printed out and signed on paper. Employing digital document signing methods such as SignEasy can reduce these unnecessary costs.

Until recently, many healthcare institutions were reluctant to make changes towards a paperless workplace due to the implications of the transition process. However they’ve started to realize that in the long run, this is a small price to pay for the benefits of an increasing paperless system.



1) Cut in costs

A recent case study shows a hospital that went paperless – the South eastern Indiana Health Organization – and saw both a 57 percent user adoption rate increase and a 50 percent cut in costs in three months.

2) Increased efficiency of the medical staff

A paperless system will cut down on wasteful time as medical professionals are able to easily locate critical documents through a quick digital search. Apps such as SAP and Evernote allow physicians to store details digitally, making it much simpler to retrieve records about any patient in moments.

3) Simple maintenance

Paper storage involves filing cabinets, files and a number of other accessories all of which consume a lot of space making it difficult to manage. In addition, wear and tear over time takes its toll on files. Since digital files are stored in a virtual environment, none of these factors need to be considered.


Switching to a paperless setting also helps decrease the facility’s carbon footprint, which has become a serious problem that institutions can no longer ignore. The fact is, going paperless can make a huge impact on many fronts, give it a try!




SignEasy got featured in CNBC Young Turks

We are happy to share that Sunil Patro, founder of SignEasy, was recently interviewed on the demo day at Microsoft Accelerator by CNBC Young Turks program, one of the longest running shows on entrepreneurship. To hear the thoughts of our founder on the exciting journey so far and the path ahead for SignEasy, skip to 2:50 in the video below.



How is an eSignature App relevant during the holiday season?

The holiday season is here and whether you are traveling for business or to enjoy a peaceful family vacation, receiving a document which requires your signature is an increasingly common scenario. Not so long ago this would have implied lots of stress and quite possibly a change of travel plans. But today many things are changing and it’s important to stay up to date with technology and its ways to increase the quality of our lives.

So, how is an eSignature App relevant during the holiday season?

Rather than running behind people, scanners or fax machines, an online document signing app gracefully allows you to close end of the year sales and contracts with remarkable simplicity and without having to change your travel plans.  As you wait to board your plane, you can sign and send back a document within minutes! Don’t take our word for it, read what our users have to say:


photo 1photo 3 photo 4


Since taking a vacation does not necessarily mean you are free from unexpected paperwork, we are happy to contribute to a peaceful holiday season.

Happy Signing!

- The SignEasy Team


The new SignEasy App is now available on Google Play Store



The new SignEasy App is now available on Google Play Store.

SignEasy App underwent a thorough redesign with the aim to become the most user friendly and powerful electronic signature app for Android business users.

The major update release includes new features as well as enhancements in the signing technology. The strokes in the new SignEasy for Android are more ink-like. In fact, users can also opt to sign on a piece of paper, take a picture of the signature and import it into the app from the photo library.

The most powerful features in these release include:
  1. The ability to add images, stamps and logos to a document
  2. Auto-forwarding signed files to a secondary email address
  3. Support for international characters. Now, users can sign and fill documents in any world alphabet or script and do business with the entire world.


For a detailed tutorial of the App, watch this video:

SignEasy joins the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program

Image from TheNextWeb

You come across a meaningful problem and you work on the solution. If this problem is also being faced by a greater portion of mankind, your work acquires a greater purpose and the journey just gets more exciting and fun. This has been the underlying motivation for me and the people who have worked at SignEasy for the last 3 years: Solving a real problem!

I still remember the summer of 2009 when the idea struck me while running around for a printer and fax machine on a beach vacation. When we launched SignEasy App as a consumer focused App for signing documents on the go in July 2010, it was the first of a kind to get a glance from people “Wow! Signing documents from your mobile is so simple!”

We firmly believe that paper should not get in the way of anyone’s business or personal lives and hence have been at work to deliver the best-in-class mobile signature solution for consumers and businesses of all kinds, from a venture capitalist in Boston to a telecommunications firm in Utah to a medical researcher in South Africa.

Over the last year, we have seen an increasing demand to use SignEasy from small and medium businesses all over the world. Companies are streamlining their operations by exchanging time sensitive documents between office teams and field staff.

In the continuation of our journey to help businesses be more efficient and productive while making the lives of people easier and hassle-free, we wanted to work with a set of mentors, advisors and industry experts who believe in our mission of making the world paperless day by day, business by business and person by person.

Today, we are happy to announce that SignEasy joins the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program.

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator is one of the best accelerators worldwide with extensive resources, strong ties to diverse industries and access to a large network of entrepreneurs and mentors. Since the launch of the Accelerator programs two years ago, 114 startups have graduated, and nearly all that sought a subsequent round of funding received it. Considering the nature of our ambitions and the global appeal of SignEasy, it made perfect sense for us to apply to this world class program. We are very excited to be part of the Microsoft Accelerator’s 2013 winter batch in Bangalore and we look forward to make it easier, simpler and more convenient for the world to do business.

- Sunil Patro
CEO of SignEasy


* Image of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator office taken by TheNextWeb.


SignEasy announces support for filenames in any international language



Every day, thousands of documents are signed and processed with SignEasy from over 100 countries worldwide. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that one of the most requested features was the ability for SignEasy to handle filenames containing their native alphabets or scripts. In this respect, we made it a priority to take actions which would ensure our international customers could finish their paperwork in their language of choice.

Happily, today SignEasy announces support for filenames in any international language.

Tell me more …

  • Because people across the globe do business in different languages, we realized our non-English customers were having a tough time uploading their documents into the app, and that was because our system could not recognize the international characters of the file name.
  • It was a big challenge for our engineering team who worked over 2 months figuring out a way for our users to be able to import documents in any world language.
  • With our latest update release, users from all over the world can now import their files in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even Arabic and Hebrew which are read and written from right to left.

So go ahead, upload any document into SignEasy hassle-free, irregardless of the characters included in your document’s name. If you find any language that we don’t support, feel free to email me at knunez at getsigneasy.com.

Happy Signing!

Ananda K. Nunez


SignEasy turns 3: Our journey in the mobile eSignature industry

Any anniversary is a time of reflection as well as of celebration. This july 2013, SignEasy celebrates its third anniversary. It is of great importance as we have not only grown the size of our customer base but we have also grown up and reached a new level of maturity as a company.

Along this journey SignEasy has helped professionals to gain efficiency and stay productive on the go by enabling them to sign and collect signatures from their mobile devices. People who see change in a positive light have embraced SignEasy as an essential business tool to speed up their workflows in both their business and personal lives. With SignEasy, they eliminate the possibility of ever feeling regrets about losing time, money or customers along the way due to situations that are not in their control, such as dependence on others to authorize paperwork or going back to the office to turn in important documents.

At SignEasy we believe that paperwork should not get in the way of your day or your pay, that’s why we continue to build innovative products that solve the critical pain points of contemporary professionals with regards to paperwork that has always been there and cannot be avoided.

We are excited to share to the world the impact SignEasy has had on a global scale. And because actions say more than words, here is a brief snapshot of our journey in facts and numbers.

We look forward to the years ahead.

Sunil and the Team at SignEasy




SignEasy brings Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote Integration to its Android App


SignEasy’s long awaited Android update is now available on the Google Play Appstore. In addition to Box, SignEasy brings Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote to its Android App.

Users can import, sign and save important documents to their preferred cloud storage service within minutes. Premium account holders save time by eliminating the need to switch from one app to another. They are taken seamlessly through the process from within SignEasy App. To  accelerate your signing process go to Settings and link your SignEasy account to your cloud services.

Basic account holders on the other hand should go to the desired cloud service App, select a document and choose SignEasy through the ‘Open In’ functionality.

Bringing you one step closer to your important documents is our priority. Download SignEasy v2.1.7 here.




Sign documents from your BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone


I am happy to announce that with the latest update of SignEasy on BlackBerry World, we extended support for Q10 users to sign documents anywhere, anytime. Knowing that Q10  appeals to keyboard believers who want to squeeze the maximum efficiency out of their busy professional lives, we also introduced a slew of powerful features, making it faster to fill forms and contracts while on the go.

Here is a quick overview:

- Save your signing preferences
Select from 10 different ink colors and text styles to sign pdfs and other document formats. By configuring them as default settings, you can save on time.

- Support for international date formats
Because different date formats are used in different countries around the world, we have added 7 new date options such as: MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YY, YYYY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, Month/Date/Year and Date/Month/Year. So whether you do business in US, Canada, UK, Japan, South Africa, Australia or Dubai, we’ve got you covered to do business in your own way.

- Save personal defaults and create custom fields
 Type less while doing paperwork. You can save any custom field that you use on a regular basis while filling documents such as company name, city, address, phone number and more. Once set, you can access these fields with just one tap to insert them into any document.

Download SignEasy to sign documents from your BlackBerry Q10!

-Sunil Patro
Founder and CEO

SignEasy wins prize at Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge 2013

The SignEasy Team in Bangalore

The SignEasy Team in Bangalore

In 2013, Microsoft set out to identify technology startups with innovative ideas in the field of cloud computing and mobile technology through their Bizspark Startup Challenge.

Sunil Patro, our Founder, was specially excited to present SignEasy at an entrepreneurial platform supported by the company which gave him his first job opportunity, exactly 10 years ago. The Microsoft Bizspark Challenge was held in 10 major cities across India and SignEasy was awarded first runner up prize among 14 finalists in the Bangalore region.

The all-India finals were held the following day and the winner of the Microsoft’s BizSpark Startup Challenge 2013 is Nanobi, an analytics start up also based in Bangalore. We send our hearty congratulations and tons of success!

- SignEasy Team

Now sign password protected PDF documents with SignEasy

Sign password protected files with SignEasy App

SignEasy is currently the first and only mobile eSignature solution that allows users to sign password protected PDF documents. Now all your important documents such as W-9 forms, real estate contracts and confidential loan documents can be signed and sent within a few minutes!

During April this year, SignEasy saw an increase in new users as well as in customer emails. Tax season came and with it, the awareness of alternate ways of filing the so-called “paperwork”. Our inbox had a common theme: New users were reporting issues with their tax documents being processed by the app. The root cause was that many of the tax related forms were password protected files for viewing and modifications, and hence, were not supported by SignEasy App. Our engineers set out to fix the problem and we are happy to announce that these password protected files are now supported by the iOS version of SignEasy.

People are adopting new habits and SignEasy is happy to contribute to a more efficient, conscious, paperless world. Thank you for being part of the change.

Happy Signing!
- SignEasy Team




SignEasy v2.1.5 update for Android is available.

We are excited to bring a much more powerful and enhanced update to SignEasy App for Android. The new release enables you to set a personal passcode as an additional security measure for signing documents, perform basic account management such as resetting your account password and change the email address, set personal contact details and custom labels for one touch access to most commonly used fields for signing along with a wider variety of international date formats.

Here is a quick highlight of how the new features work.

  1. Set a passcode: If you ever lose sight of your device or leave it idle for sometime anywhere, you can rest be assured that no peep could use your iPhone to sign your documents on your behalf.

    Set a 4-digit passcode

    Set a 4-digit passcode

  2. Set personal details and custom field: Save time and effort by inserting your personal informance and other custom fields just once in the setting screen of SignEasy App. Once configured, you wod any unnecessary re-typing next time you need to fill your personal details on a document.

    Save personal details, custom fields and more.

    Save personal details, custom fields and more.

  3. Change Email Address of your account: If you move to a new job or switch to a new and shining email address, it is now easy to move your SignEasy account to the new email address. All of your documents and settings will stay the same in your account with no hassles at all to you.

    Change password, email address and more.

    Change password, email address and more.

  4. Choose from various date formats: Whether you live in US, UK, Japan or India, we have got you covered with the preferred date format for your region.

    International date formats

    International date formats

We are sure you love these new features which have already been available in our iOS App for some time and we know our iOS users love it. So, download the latest update v2.1.5 and give it a spin.

SignEasy Team


Quick guide on how to import a document into SignEasy

There are 3 major ways to import a document into SignEasy App, choose the one that suits you best!

  • Import any document from Email.

If you were sent a document by email, simply long tap on the attachment and choose SignEasy from the ‘Open In’ menu. An alternate option is to forward the document to add@getsigneasy.com. Please make sure to send it from the email address set as your SignEasy user ID.


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Step-by-step guide to import a file into SignEasy App on BlackBerry 10

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can import a document into SignEasy App on BlackBerry 10 in different ways.

1. Forward a document as attachment to add@getsigneasy.com

Simply email the document as an attachment to add@getsigneasy.com.  Make sure you send it from the email address associated with your SignEasy account. When you open SignEasy App, you will see the file under ‘My Documents’.

2. Import a file from internal SD Card

If you use the internal SD card for storing files, please save the email attachment first in the “Downloads” folder of the internal SD card. Open SignEasy and go to ‘My Documents’, select ‘Add document’, choose ‘SDcard / File system’. Then select ‘Download’ folder and tap on your document.

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SignEasy arrives on BlackBerry 10!


We are happy to announce the arrival of SignEasy to BlackBerry World.

We initially ported our Android App making sure it runs smoothly on BlackBerry Z10 devices and we look forward to your feedback for considerations in the development of a native BlackBerry App.

Download the App from getsigneasy.com/blackberry and send your feedback to support@getsigneasy.com.

Happy Signing!

- SignEasy Team


What can you do when an App Crashes?

The app world is a great place of continuous innovation and iteration. Every update release brings joyful goodies! However, every now and then, a few hiccups tag along, some times in the form of ‘crashes’.

Not to panic. Whenever an App suddenly closes on you while you’re in the middle of something, try this:

1. Press the Home button twice.

2. Tap and hold on any App until a red circle appears, tap on it to stop the app from running in the background.


3. Open your App from the main screen and check if it is back to normal.

4. If not, delete and reinstall.

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SignEasy v4.2.4 is now available on AppStore!


We are happy to share that our latest v4.2.4 iOS App release comes with many features you have asked for:

  • Ability to rotate a document page: It is very common for scanned pages to be received in landscape orientation. Many of our customers had found those documents awkward and inconvenient to sign from SignEasy. Voilá! Now you can rotate any page from landscape to horizontal orientation and sign it hassle-free.

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Personalize your emails with your signature

Add formality to business emails by attaching your signature to your quotes, proposals or any message.

To do so, simply go to Settings and scroll down to the Premium Features to “Export signature over email”. Write your text and hit the send button. As simple as that!


* In case you need to adjust the size of your signature, go to the main screen, tap on ‘My Signature’ and use the sliding bar.

- SignEasy Team


A 3 step guide to sign any document with SignEasy

This tutorial will teach you how easy it is to sign any document with SignEasy App after creating your account.

Sign your documents in 3 simple steps:

1. Tap Sign, select the page and scroll to the spot where you need to sign.

2. Tap the pen to select your signature, drag it with your finger to the desired location and tap ‘Save’ to lock it in place.

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