Build easy eSignature experiences with Signeasy API

Signeasy API is built for developers who are looking to integrate eSignature capabilities into their core workflows. You can easily build custom eSignature workflows for your own site or application with our easy-to-integrate API platform. 

In addition to that, Signeasy offers powerful integrations with popular business and productivity tools like Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and more, helping developers build end-to-end document workflows.

Signeasy’s rich set of API endpoints enables complete control over your documents’ eSignature lifecycle. Once a signature request has been initiated, you can start tracking them right away and choose to get notified at every stage of the workflow via webhooks. Our APIs are extremely easy to integrate and help businesses automate any document workflows involving eSignatures in less than two weeks.

How businesses use Signeasy API

Embedded Signing 

Enable your signers to sign documents within your website and mobile applications using the embedded signing endpoints. Developers can embed Signeasy’s eSignature experience within iframe, pop-up windows, new tabs, and your application’s webviews.

In the embedded signing workflow, instead of the signers receiving the eSignature request link in their email inbox, it will be available for the API to consume. You can then render the signing link for the signers.

Embedded Signature Request

Similar to embedded signing, where users can sign a document within your website/ mobile application, with embedded signature requests, they can now send documents out for signature from your app/website as well.

Merge Fields

Include merge fields when you need to programmatically add dynamic data into a document before sending it out for eSignatures. . This feature involves setting up templates with annotations, which you can use to fill in dynamically via the API at the time of creating a signature request. With just a few clicks and code, you can set up a productive workflow where dynamic information is involved.


With webhooks, you can get notified of all the changes to the documents throughout the signature request lifecycle. Once you subscribe to the preferred webhook events, you can get notified in real-time from Signeasy and trigger internal workflows at your end. There are 2 types of webhooks: 

Webhooks within Signeasy API

1. App Level Webhooks

App-level webhooks can be used to get notified of events triggered by a certain API client (app). This is useful if a user wants to be notified of document activity that was initiated from one of their integrations/API clients.

2. Global Webhooks

Global Webhook URLs receive events from all sources like the Signeasy web and mobile apps, integrations on third-party sites like Zoho and Outlook, as well as custom integrations.

White labeling/ Custom Branding

Personalize your business workflows with your brand name and logo included in the embedded signing experience. This helps you provide your customers with a trustworthy and professional experience and improves brand loyalty.

Secure and certified for businesses 

With Signeasy, all files and data are encrypted and signatures are compliant with the ESIGN Act and eIDAS. Additionally, by being SOC 2 Type II compliant,  Signeasy ensures that there are robust data security practices in place. Signeasy is also GDPR compliant and remains committed to the safety and privacy of customers’ data including contractual commitments, sub-processors, product features, security measures, and privacy policies. Healthcare businesses looking for API solutions can rest assured when dealing with data privacy concerns as Signeasy is HIPAA certified.

How customers are leveraging Signeasy API 

Signeasy’s API has helped businesses across the globe nail their digital transformation. 

ZenEquity is a virtual wallet that simplifies ESOPs, and they knew a great eSignature partner was critical for giving their customers the best end-user experience. Signeasy offered a native eSignature workflow along with embedded signing capabilities that fit perfectly within ZenEquity’s digital interface.  Signeasy’s API eliminated the need for custom coding and offered powerful features to streamline stock option grants and approvals for their growing base of large startup customers. The API solution for ZenEquity was fully set up within weeks with zero custom development alongside flawless UX with one-click signing in action. ZenEquity also benefited from  Signeasy’s high-quality support and hands-on training for their eSign API.

Rappi is the largest on-demand instant delivery and super-app company in Latin America. It onboards thousands of restaurants and merchant partners every month, and with that comes tedious contract management processes. Signeasy’s eSignature API has helped the South American business to eliminate paperwork backlogs, accelerate onboarding, and scale their internal and external workflows seamlessly. Contract turnaround time reduced from weeks to minutes. Rappi now no longer faces huge paperwork backlogs, nor does it lose out on critical business opportunities.

Several other global brands are successfully leveraging the power of Signeasy API within their business workflows to provide seamless eSignature experiences for their customers. 

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