How the Signeasy API helped LetsVenture significantly improve their customer experience

As a startup, finding funding can be challenging. Same goes for venture capitalists looking to find the next best product, service, or software. LetsVenture brings both sides of the coin together, providing a platform for startups and investors to discover each other and find their perfect fit. 

With over 200 deals funded, $100M raised, and 6,500 angel investors on the platform, LetsVenture is currently India’s largest marketplace for startup investing and funding. They’re taking the funding process completely online “to make it easy, transparent, and accessible for both entrepreneurs and investors,” according to co-founder and CEO Shanti Mohan.

LetsVenture is no stranger to the power of integrated digital tools: their platform includes helpful features like intelligent match curation and secure portfolio tracking. They’ve also created an ESOP and cap table management tool called MyStartupEquity: founders can use it to issue stocks, grants, equity, and more to their employees, and recipients can use it to track their portfolio. 

Every stage of the process that unfolds with both LetsVenture and MyStartupEquity requires documents to be signed, so it was only a matter of time before the company started looking for an eSigning API. 

According to Soman Sharma, a software developer at LetsVenture, they chose Signeasy as their eSignature provider because of how well its features aligned with their needs, like node SDK and webhooks. Saurab Modh, a senior software engineer, said that Signeasy stood out thanks to its exceptional documentation, fair pricing, ease of integration, and responsive customer support.

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How does our API help?

On MyStartupEquity, when founders issue ESOP grant letters to their employees, for example, a notification will show up on the recipient’s dashboard. All the employee needs to do at that point is click the “sign now” button, which opens the Signeasy interface directly within the product. They can then add the required signatures, initials, dates, and more. Finally, once the document is complete, a PDF will be stored on each user’s account, and they will be notified via email with the PDF as an attachment.

On the LetsVenture side, they used to deliver physical documents to each party and get everything signed in-person. Now, the HR team can liaise with hundreds of people with a single click, and users can complete essential paperwork without ever navigating away from the LetsVenture platform. 

“The customer experience has become two to three times better with the API integration,” said Sanjay Jha, co-founder and CPO. With the Signeasy API, the company can offer all of their users the ability to securely sign their respective documents with a signature that’s just as legally binding as wet ink. The process is smooth, seamless, and exceptionally convenient for startups and investors alike.

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