5 benefits of using an eSignature solution for healthcare

They say that for every hour-long ER visit, hospital staff need to spend a whole other hour filling out the associated paperwork. At a time when healthcare facilities are already significantly understaffed, there’s simply no time to waste on tasks that can easily be automated.

When healthcare workers are neck deep in administrative forms, insurance claims, and the like, the quality of patient care and the time spent with each individual decreases sharply.

The quickest and easiest way to cut out time-consuming admin is with an eSignature solution like Signeasy. By taking document workflows online, you’ll also do away with clunky tools like scanners, fax machines, and hard-copy paper.

Read on to find out why electronic signatures are just what the doctor ordered.


Benefits of using an eSignature solution for healthcare companies

There are so many ways that an eSignature solution can simplify paper-based processes in the healthcare sector. In fact, digitizing your signature flows is one of the simplest ways to help doctors and support staff become more efficient.


  1. Keep staff healthy by facilitating contactless signing

COVID has set a new standard for sanitary protocols and remote work. Both now and in the future, the ability to reduce contact and conduct business from a safe distance is going to be a must.

Dhore Anunciado, Executive Director at the San Diego Eye Bank, says: “We have a lot of our staff going in and out of hospitals all day. We don’t want them coming into the office and increasing our risk – Signeasy has helped us reduce our exposure to this virus.”

By taking your signature workflows online, colleagues can collaborate on paperwork from anywhere. Whether they’re in the office next door or in an entirely different part of the world, taking hard-copy documents out of the equation reduces interaction with high-contact surfaces and eliminates the need for face-to-face signature collection.

Aside from finalizing documents on desktop or mobile, we recently added another layer of efficiency to the process: now, your staff can even validate documents with facial recognition!

2. No more choosing between patients & paperwork 

Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers can agree on one thing: paperwork is a huge inconvenience, especially given their already hectic schedules. Every minute spent on documentation is one minute that can’t be dedicated to patient care – and Signeasy is here to change that.
Our eSignature solution for healthcare expedites paperwork so that your staff can focus on saving lives:
– Approve and share timesheets, prescriptions, and discharges across departments
– Save and manage medical records on the cloud
– Conduct a fully digital onboarding process, from offer letter to training docs

   3. Stay compliant with key regulations

Concerns about data security and governance are one of the main barriers that keep organizations from digitizing their processes. Many industries, healthcare included, must also adhere to strict confidentiality regulations.
To ensure you can eSign with complete peace of mind, solutions like Signeasy offer airtight compliance features. Here are just a few of the ways in which we keep your documents and information safe:

HIPAA: Aside from providing care, a health practitioner’s chief responsibility is to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. Every document that is signed using Signeasy adheres to all the requirements stipulated by HIPAA.

SOC 2: We have successfully completed rigorous SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 compliance audits, performed by a third party that specializes in data security. These certifications underscore just how much we have invested in airtight data security infrastructure.

GDPR: Widely known to be one of the most stringent data privacy laws in the world, GDPR governs the way in which businesses use, process, and store personal data. It is an EU standard that also applies to organizations that supply goods or services to the EU (like us).

  4. Access important records from anywhere

Once a document is completed, Signeasy will store it safely in the cloud, so that there is no chance of misplacing it. This also makes it easy for staff to retrieve or forward these files from anywhere and anytime, whether they’re on desktop or mobile.

5. Improve ‌ patient experience

Long queues, little or no time to read forms, delays in getting forms processed because signers are busy elsewhere … all of these factors make for a less-than-ideal patient experience.

Digitizing your documentation is more than a great solution for your staff – it’s great for patients, too. Whether it’s onboarding forms, discharge forms, or an insurance claim, Signeasy allows patients and caregivers to sign from the comfort of their home, giving them ample time to fill in their information properly and carefully read over each document.

Additionally, consent and insurance forms can even be signed via the hospital’s electronic health care record (EHR) system thanks to Signeasy’s open API.


6. Make telehealth consults the new normal

How can physicians send signed prescriptions to remote patients? What about things like securing consent or accessing patients’ medical records?

Once again, an eSignature solution can make all the difference. Since eSignature solutions are as legally binding as physical signatures, they ‌enable the long-distance exchanges of medical documents with ease. Signeasy is also compliant with HIPAA, making it a perfect fit for healthcare institutions.

Chupik Counseling, a mental health treatment facility in the US, decided to deliver therapy sessions over video calls to maintain social distancing during the pandemic. At the same time, they decided to try out Signeasy to remotely secure consent from patients. Fast forward to today: our eSignature tool is helping them collect 50-100 tele-consents per week!

If your healthcare practice is ready to dedicate more time to patient care, relieve the burden of admin, and take on remote work with confidence, Signeasy is for you. Why not get started with a 14-day free trial?


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