A decade of Signeasy. It’s our double-digit birthday!

Today, Signeasy is blowing out 10 candles. 

That’s an entire decade of bootstrapping our way to greater heights than we could have ever imagined. A decade of building industry partnerships more valuable than pure gold, a decade of finding “our people” to build the all-star dream team we have today, and a decade of relentless innovation to serve our users even better.

In an age of VC-funded tech firms, Signeasy is a homegrown success. From its beginnings as a two-person team trying to modernize an outdated signing process to its status as a Microsoft Accelerator company, Signeasy has remained independent – there are no external investors or shareholders guiding our process behind the scenes. 

We are celebrating 10 years of helping users sign an offer letter for their dream job, close on their first home, onboard volunteers for their non-profit, get that huge sales contract signed on time… the list goes on. 

In one sense, the numbers we’ve achieved speak for themselves: 

  • 7 million app installs
  • 130K business customers
  • 20 million documents signed
  • 1 million documents sent for signature

But nothing makes the Signeasy team happier than receiving this kind of feedback from our users every day:

“Oh this app is amazing! Such a lifesaver and so easy. Especially when it comes to the pandemic, it has been a huge help signing and completing all forms and documents for my daughter’s new school registration consisting of 13 forms.” 

– Emely Aguilar

“We were in the middle of an expansion. We spent a lot of time setting up e-commerce. And with e-commerce comes a lot of signing too! Notary was the most difficult part, and that’s where Signeasy came in. We would do a video call with the notary, hold our documents and our driver’s license, sign and send the form and they would sign it and send back. Signeasy saved us!“ 

— Stacie Weisman, Founder, Bloomers Frose.

The world is in the midst of a crisis, and we’ve done everything we can to help our customers, NGOs, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions make a difference. By providing free access to Signeasy for small businesses in need, users were able to keep their operations rolling with remote, contactless document processing.

No birthday is complete without a little reminiscing and nostalgia, so we’d love for you to join us for a stroll down memory lane. 

With 10 years behind us, let’s raise a glass to the memories and milestones near and dear to our hearts.


August 2009: Genesis

We owe it all to our intrepid CEO, who found himself unable to sign a job offer letter while on holiday in Mexico, away from his computer. His solution? To build his own solution.


July 2010: Signeasy, meet iPhone

A little less than one year after a lightbulb appeared over our founder’s head, Signeasy launches on the iOS App Store.

Signeasy's 10 yr: Old and New


October 2011: Hello, Android

With a year and a few months of coding, developing, and testing under their belts, our developers release Signeasy on Google Play.


June 2012: Rebranded to Signeasy

We rebranded to our new name Signeasy, reflecting the company’s mission to provide the most seamless device-agnostic eSignature solution on the market.


December 2012: Featured in Top 10 Essential Business Apps

As Signeasy grows and thrives, Apple takes notice and recommends us as one of their “Top 10 Essential Business Apps”.


August 2013: Joined Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program

Signeasy joins the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Bangalore, leveraging its extensive resources, strong ties to diverse industries, and impressive network of mentors and advisors.


October 2014: Signeasy for iOS gets Touch ID support

Now, users can secure and authenticate documents with biometric authentication for even more peace of mind.


February 2015: #1 business app on the App Store

Proud moment alert! Signeasy’s iOS app reaches the #1 spot among the top grossing business apps in the US App Store.


May 2015: Spotted in the iPad campaign

Apple uses Signeasy to showcase how easy it is for SMBs to adopt eSignatures, featuring us in their “Everything changes with iPad” ad campaign.


August 2015: Good things come in threes

With Signeasy already available on mobile, we launch our desktop web app, allowing users to complete paperwork on absolutely any device.


October 2017: High five (million)

It’s been a long road, and our hard work is truly paying off: this month, we reach 5 million app downloads!


March 2018: Let the integrations begin

Signeasy releases a native integration with Google Cloud, allowing 1.5 billion users to sign documents without leaving their Gmail inbox.


December 2018: H-API New Year!

With our new eSignature API, partners can integrate all of Signeasy’s capabilities into their own apps and platforms.


January 2019: One million more

We kicked the year off with a bang, crossing the 6 million download threshold in January. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


February 2019: We speak your language

Signeasy goes global with support for 24 languages on mobile, including left-to-right scripts.


April 2019: The next big thing

The Signeasy Gmail add-on is featured at Google Next!


May 2019: A new identity

We snap up a shiny new URL, transitioning from signeasy.com to signeasy.com!


November 2019: Love from a partner

Signeasy is named an Apple mobility partner, joining the ranks of other premier workflow solutions.


December 2019: 20 million documents signed

That’s a lot of ink, paper, and hassle saved! 


January 2020: Officially an innovator

Signeasy is named as one of Aragon’s most prominent innovators in Digital Transaction Management.


April 2020: 7 million app installs

The snowball is officially rolling: it took us 7 years to get to 5 million installs, and just 16 months to rack up 2 million more. That means our growth rate has doubled over time!


May 2020: 1 million requests for signature sent

Celebrating 1 million documents that were sent out for signature using Signeasy.


Next up: we can’t wait to find out.

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