Signeasy hits the big screen!

Our surprise cameo in a Hollywood action thriller 

It’s all palm trees, oversized sunglasses, and signing autographs from here on out: Signeasy has officially made its debut on the big screen!

You can imagine our surprise, while sitting on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn, when John Malkovich’s character in the new movie Ava gave us an unexpected shoutout:

Movie GIF New

Pretty cool, right? Okay, okay, we can’t let the stardom go to our heads … but we are all about the autographs (it’s kind of our thing).

The main characters in the film are contract killers – unlike our users in real life, who are contract executors.  A small but important difference. 

Nevertheless, we couldn’t help but notice certain parallels between the typical Signeasy user and the cutthroat assassins in Ava … so we decided to organize our thoughts.

Screenshot 2020 12 22 at 6.01.03 PM

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