Signeasy’s First Capital Raise – Customer-Focused, Operator-Led

Signeasy was founded on a single principle: There is a better way to do things than “the way they’ve always been done.” Thus, a mobile-first, device-agnostic eSignature product was born. Over 10 years, we have evolved from a single app that “gets it signed” to an intuitive solution for businesses of all sizes to seamlessly manage documents and signatures across any device or browser through our mobile and web apps. 

Along this journey, we’ve experienced many eSignature industry-firsts. And people are noticing: It was with great pride that we found ourselves among the first Indian companies ever featured on the Apple home page, in multiple geographic regions. There is no magic behind these achievements, just a singular focus on serving our customers with a class-leading product built around their specific needs and workflows. 

A brave new world

While this has been a tremendous year for Signeasy, we recognize that the same is not true for everybody, or even the majority. We never look to find opportunity in others’ tragedy, but to help those most impacted regain their footing in an altogether different world. The dramatic shift in how we work has left businesses with no choice but to find new ways to interact with, and serve, their customers, employees and partners.

Work-from-home. On-the-job social distancing. Contactless field work. The need for “digital by default” is more crucial than ever. No longer the domain of early adopters, it is now the imperative of business “survivalists” everywhere. Once a best practice, going paperless is no longer optional, and the right eSignature solution will impact its success.

Where we go from here

Like most, we play to our strengths. Best-in-class product. A customer base growing in numbers and trust. Strong partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies. And, above all else, a superbly talented, passionate and committed team. Which brought us to the year’s most important question: What’s next (and how do we get there, with whose help)? 

The answer was simple: Growing our ability to grow. For that, we needed the most strategic capital. Every dollar raised would be worth exponentially more if raised from investors with knowledge and experience not available anywhere else. At the same time, expanding our advisory board meant collaborating with those sharing our values, an ownership mindset chief among them. 

So, it is with great pleasure that we announce our first outside funding, raised entirely from successful SaaS operators, collectively bringing with them hundreds of years of experience. Our investor-advisor cohort includes:

  • Jeremy Stoppelman – CEO, Yelp
  • Girish Mathrubhootam – CEO, Freshworks 
  • Matt Rissell – Founder & ex-CEO, TSheets
  • Pallav Nadhani – Founder & ex-CEO, FusionCharts 
  • Manav Garg – Founder & CEO, Eka Software 
  • Anand Chandrasekharan – ex-CPO, Snapdeal; Director, Facebook 
  • Mike Stoppelman – ex-SVP of Engineering, Yelp
  • Hana Mohan – Founder & CEO, MagicBell
  • Kyle Jenke – Director of Partnerships, Facebook; ex-Global Partnerships Leader, Intuit
  • Vijay Rayapati – GM, Nutanix, ex-CEO, MinjarCloud

This combination of financial and intellectual capital can propel Signeasy to places barely imaginable just a year or two ago. Properly charting that course also meant expanding our executive team. Therefore, we are equally excited to announce that long-time advisor, Kyle Flowers, has joined as our first-ever Chief Operating Officer. Flowers, formerly of Invoice2go and J2 Global, has an extensive track record of scaling SaaS revenue and customer growth. In his new capacity, Kyle will oversee our marketing, sales and growth functions, and we are delighted to welcome him.

Beyond “Why this way?” we’ve frequently encountered: “Why now?” And, having just celebrated our tenth anniversary, it’s a fair question. The answer is: We wanted to demonstrate not just theoretical potential, but a strong track record. Having been increasingly profitable for the past five years, we finally felt comfortable having others’ money at stake. 

Our investors aren’t gamblers. They’re real people, making investments in teams and companies they believe in – companies they want to help build. As operators, they’ve been here before. The knowledge amassed, and the empathy developed, through their tremendous successes makes each an ideal partner. For them, we committed to reaching this milestone prior to asking them to put their money behind us.

The real heroes

We must also take a moment to acknowledge another group that made this day possible: Our customers. Without them, there would be no Signeasy. Without their confidence and trust, that our product could enable them to send signatures instantly across the room or across the world, we would still be using overly complex, clunky enterprise-oriented software. Or, worse yet, remain perpetually trapped in the downward print-scan-fax spiral.

To say that our investor-advisors are investing in “eSignature software” would be a gross oversimplification. We see every signature as a new beginning, and envision a world where they are seen as a pivotal moment, not a cumbersome process. They are investing not only in that vision, but the team poised to execute on it. 

Signeasy may have started out of frustration over lack of a printer on a beach in Mexico, but our employees have made it what it is today, and will become tomorrow. No strangers to building world-class teams, our investor-advisors see ours as one to nurture and support in more ways than one. This also presents an opportunity for our employees to build on the amazing ideas they have brought, and continue to bring, to Signeasy. 

Great things ahead

We like to say that great things start with a signature. We are excited to play a small part in making people’s lives just a little bit easier, reducing just a little bit of their uncertainty, and making sure they can “Signeasy”  while working hard to achieve great outcomes in life.

Sunils Signature 1
Sunil Patro and the Signeasy team.

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