Signeasy just got ranked. Here’s how we did.

In the world of software, G2 is one of the most trusted names around. Their platform is all about helping businesses choose the best possible software providers in categories like project management, CRM, marketing automation, and accounting.

The magic of G2, and the reason why its opinions carry so much weight, lies in the fact that each review has been submitted by a real live user. To date, the site has amassed over 1 million authentic software reviews from people across the globe!

When G2 rolled out their eSignature ranking reports for summer 2020 – which put service providers head-to-head based on their market positioning – we were thrilled to find Signeasy topping charts and taking names.

(PS – this isn’t the first time we’ve been shouted out as an innovator in our space). 

Here’s how we did.


General eSignature comparison grid 

Compared to last year, Signeasy scooted up three positions on this grid, ranking 7th overall out of 46. On the grid itself, we are comfortably positioned in the “leader” category.

When the data was broken down by satisfaction scores, it was truly our time to shine. A whopping 93% of users said they were likely to recommend our software (compared to 90% of Docusign users and 86% of Adobe users). 

In fact, we topped both Docusign and Adobe in every satisfaction category, with a special shoutout to the “ease of setup” category (we scored 95%, compared to 86% and 83% respectively).

Better than DocuSign review

            – Senior Consultant, Small business user.


“The site is very easy to use, which is nice! Whenever it sends emails to the parents, or whoever we need to send it to, […] it’s easy for them to sign where we need them to. Then it sends us notifications, which we love.”

             – Kayleigh Guy, Program Director, Camen Behavioral Services


“The sweet spot for Signeasy is its ease-of-use”

          – Brian Nakahara, IT Director, School of Visual Arts NYC.


Asia Pacific regional satisfaction index

In the Asia Pacific market specifically, Signeasy snapped up 3rd place overall in terms of overall satisfaction.

Perennial competitors DocuSign, HelloSign, and Adobe Sign ranked 10th, 11th, and 12th respectively, out of 12 different software.

Compared to the average, our friends in the Asia Pacific region ranked us highly for ease of admin, ease of doing business with, and ease of setup. They also named mobile compatibility as our highest-rated feature.

Signeasy - clean and professional

          – Small business user.


“Instead of chasing people down, we are now able to receive instant signatures using Signeasy.”

            – Sudi Guda, Talent Manager (HR Department), La Cabana Resorts


Small business satisfaction grid

This particular report analyzed satisfaction levels among small businesses regarding their chosen eSignature software. Since SMBs are our bread and butter, we were excited to have moved up three positions to our new rank of 7th of 35.

The report’s more granular data revealed that once again, Signeasy obtained a great overall score: 86% satisfaction, compared to Docusign’s 83% and HelloSign’s 64%. 

Similar to the Asia Pacific report, SMB users shouted us out for our mobile compatibility (96% satisfaction compared to an average of 88%) and ease of setup.

Signeasy- Very helpful
– Veterinary Administrator, Small business user


“Signeasy is the base of our operation. We just can’t live without it.”

        – Anand Venkatanarayanan, Chief Financial Officer, HasGeek


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