Paperwork on the go – the Pitango and Signeasy story

Pitango Venture Capital, one of the most active investment firms in the Israeli startup scene, has been investing in disruptive ideas since 1993. With over $2 billion under management, the firm has invested in diverse range of companies including AppsFlyer, Taboola and more.

With a global presence, the leadership team at Pitango is almost always travelling around the world.  As an investment firm, managing and processing paperwork has always been an integral part of their day-to-day workload. However, while on the move, completing paperwork proved to be a huge challenge.

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The motivation to overcome said challenge is what led the CFOs Zeev Binman, and Y. Gillat to try and find a solution that would bring efficiency to their everyday document workflows. Signeasy offered a simple and effective way to not only make paperwork faster, but also more convenient. The app’s intuitive UX made an impression on Binman right away. “I usually dislike most apps – I do not like to use anything too complicated,” he said. “But I love this one because it is so effortless”.

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Typically, each CXO handles a good chunk of documents every day, a process which involves obtaining signatures from multiple stakeholders. These documents were previously printed and signed, then either couriered or faxed to the next stakeholder. This cycle was repeated until the document was completed.

Especially while travelling, this system was difficult and unscalable. For instance, Binman would often spend hours at the hotel’s business centre completing his paperwork.

With Signeasy, he was able to sign documents from anywhere in the world – all he needed was his mobile device. It was now possible to complete documents within minutes, across time zones and borders!

Finally, the security features that Signeasy offered helped Binman and Gillat feel confident about the whole e-signing experience. This trust was crucial, given that a very large portion of the financial paperwork handled by the firm was of a sensitive nature. With Signeasy, the Pitango team is now able to breeze through their document processes!

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