Signeasy is SuperDuperConvenient – Scott Miller (Customer Spotlight Series)

One of the things we derive joy from working on Signeasy, is when we hear stories from our customers on how Signeasy has helped them simplify their lives. Starting today, we’re going to be sharing their stories on a regular basis. In this post, we’re talking to Scott Miller, American entrepreneur and game developer, who pioneered the first person shooter games.

A little bit about Scott Miller:

The year was 1998, as a lanky kid I was pouring my eyes into a flickering CRT monitor beating on a trackball mouse furiously while awkwardly adjusting my fingers on an elevated keyboard. I stayed in that hunched position for hours on end playing Wolfenstein 3D, a game that was released in 1992 and developed by ID Software. The man behind the revolutionary game was Scott Miller.


For the uninitiated, Scott Miller is the person that gave the world the holy grail of gaming: First Person Shooter game. He has worked on iconic games like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, Max Payne, to name a few. We caught up with Scott and he shared his thoughts on Signeasy:

Hi there, could you please share your name?

Scott Miller

Where do you work and as?

3D Realms, Founder and Game Designer.

Company Size:

11 – 50

What do you do for a living?

Involved with the creative and business sides of video game development.

What’s your daily routine like?

I work with several teams on several game projects, providing creative input, inspirational guidance, and business advice.

What devices do you use at work and which apps do you us the most?

I primarily use Apple products, such as an iMac, iPad, and iPhone.  I try to use a lot of web-based apps — I’m not a fan of local software much anymore.  However, I can’t get buy without Word, Chrome, PowerPoint, and Skype. And Signeasy has worked itself into that list, too.

How does Signeasy fit into your life?

I use Signeasy to sign ALL of my documents now.  It just makes the process of signing so much easier than it used to be — no more printing out pages, signing them with a pen, scanning them back into the computer!  I sign most docs now on my iPhone.  It’s like a miracle of convenience!

How has using Signeasy benefited you?

It’s a huge time saver.  And that alone makes it a must-have app.  But it also makes signing agreements and other docs so easy I can do it in a matter of seconds regardless of where I am in the world, as long as I have a phone signal.

If you could describe Signeasy in one word, what would that be?


Thank you so much, Scott for being a part of Signeasy’s Customer Spotlight series.

If you love Signeasy and have an interesting story to tell us, then email us at We would love to talk to you.

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