How William Ryan Homes keeps their mobile teams connected with Signeasy

With 27 years of experience and 11,000 construction projects under their belt, it’s safe to say that William Ryan Homes is a prolific American homebuilder.  Given their fleet of mobile superintendents and very appropriate company slogan (‘we make it easy’), it was only a matter of time before our eSignature software became their go-to paperwork solution.

According to IT Coordinator, Peter Guzman, the pre-Signeasy paperwork process went something like this: WRH’s superintendents needed to print a work order ahead of time, bring it to the worksite, collect the required signatures manually, find a scanner, and email the finalized document to the admin team. Sometimes, instead of using email, the final step entailed driving the physical document back to the office so it could be filed away.

It goes without saying that this process wasted an immense amount of time and resources. That’s what lead them to Signeasy.

Why William Ryan Homes loves Signeasy

– Time savings

Having done away with the “sign, scan, send” process in favor of digitizing their workflow, WRH was able to improve their process time by 90% with Signeasy. “It definitely equates to dollars and cents at the bottom line,” said Purchasing Manager Cameron Peldo.

– Mobile compatibility

WRH’s superintendents and managers spend tons of time in the field building homes  – that’s why they were given iPads in the first place! Signeasy’s seamless mobile app allows employees to get work done on the go, both online and offline, and sync their progress with the rest of the team.

– Quicker sales

Less time spent on paperwork means more time getting the job done. “Getting documents signed faster means a faster build time, which is incredibly valuable for us,” said Peldo. “We are able to get that house sold to the customer faster.”

– Centralization

With Signeasy, all of WRH’s signed documents are available in one convenient digital location, ready to be sent anywhere instantly. That way, employees at any one of their 5 locations can access all of the same paperwork, keeping their operations cohesive and convenient.

– Sharpened focus

“With all the time Signeasy has saved our superintendents, they’re now able to focus more on the home building process and what the customer wants,” said Peter Guzman, an IT Coordinator at William Ryan Homes.


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