How to eSign invoices with Signeasy for Google Sheets

Maintaining a steady invoice flow is the key to reducing your business’s time to revenue. After all, the faster you can get an invoice approved, the faster you get paid.

If you want to streamline the approval process from end to end, you need Signeasy for Google Sheets. Our newest integration helps you submit invoices faster and with fewer errors by enabling you to request eSignatures from directly within Google Sheets.

Whether you need approval from a manager or customer, this is the easiest way to eSign a spreadsheet.

How does it work?

Once your invoice is ready for sendoff, click the Signeasy icon on the right hand toolbar in Google Sheets (if you haven’t already, the first step is to download our Google Workspace integration).

You’ll be able to initiate the eSigning process from there. In a matter of seconds, you can add signature fields, select recipients, and send your invoice off – whether it requires just your signature, your customer’s signature, or both.

Reduce friction, errors, and delays

The “download, save, upload” cycle leaves you wide open to mistakes and admin-related hassle. Instead of cluttering your hard drive with downloaded PDFs and multiple document versions, use our integration to dodge time-wasting errors.

By initiating the eSignature process from within Google Sheets, you’re eliminating the possibility of sending the wrong PDF, which would inevitably delay your incoming payment (or worse, have it rejected entirely).

  • Send signature requests directly to decision-makers
  • Eliminate the need to download physical PDF files to your drive
  • Never send off the wrong version of a spreadsheet again
  • Reduce the number of steps between creating an invoice and requesting approval

The fastest way to get paid

Faster, more accurate invoices ultimately lead to one thing: faster revenue recognition. The sooner you can receive payments, the sooner you can pay your employees, acquire more inventory, or reinvest in other parts of your business. The Signeasy for Google Sheets integration is just one way that we’re helping businesses move faster in unprecedented times.

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