Signeasy now supports Salesforce Professional and Enterprise editions

Signeasy for Salesforce is a powerful tool for sales teams to sign, send, and manage contracts within Salesforce. Our native integration for Salesforce now supports both professional and enterprise editions to empower SMB and mid-market businesses with lean sales teams. 

Sales teams can prepare and send contracts, NDAs, or any document that requires a signature without leaving Salesforce. This integration enables you to become more efficient with your time, improve accuracy, streamline contract workflows, shorten sales cycles, and increase revenue.

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Signeasy for Salesforce—An easy-to-use eSignature platform for fast-growing teams 

Where time is money, speed can be a game-changer for sales reps. Paperwork, such as creating, managing, and following up on contracts and agreements, can significantly take away valuable time and effort from selling, resulting in lost deals and wasted time. 

Being efficient in processes while dealing with a high volume of sales documents and customer interactions is key to being successful in a sales role. Sales teams constantly need technology tools that can help them streamline workflows, reduce administrative burdens, and increase overall productivity.

Signeasy’s eSignature add-on for Salesforce comes with many powerful features. Here are a few that can help sales teams close deals faster. 

  1. Templates: Create pre-populated templates of your most frequently used documents, saving you time and reducing errors that come with manual inputs. Plus, you’ll always be using the latest version of the document.
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  1. Multiple signers: Easily add all signers to your documents and track who has signed and on whom it is pending. This helps you follow up and close deals sooner. It also gives you insights into the purchase cycle.
  2. Multiple documents: Send multiple documents (envelopes) to signers in one go, making it easier for them to sign everything they need to at once.
  3. Automatic reminders: Send automated reminders to signers to keep the process moving. No more awkward follow-up conversations! 
  4. Secure and compliant: Ensure all documents are legally binding, secure, and compliant with Signeasy, a trusted and secure eSignature platform.
  5. Works on any device: Sign documents online across devices without any downloads. This helps speed up the process and makes it more convenient for everyone involved.

How to set up Signeasy with Salesforce

Signeasy can be set up in 3 simple steps. 

  1. Launch App Exchange on Salesforce and install Signeasy
  2. Choose your environment (Production or Sandbox)
  3. Link your Signeasy account with Salesforce and roll it out to your team.
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The integration is so intuitive and straightforward that you won’t need any assistance from Signeasy’s customer support team. You can set it up yourself with ease.

Learn how to use Signeasy eSignatures with Salesforce here

Improve conversions and productivity with Signeasy for Salesforce

With the power of eSignatures, Salesforce can be used for multiple use cases and is not just limited to sales documents and agreements. They can also be used for accepting sales compensations, confirming, onboarding, and training new hires, tracking expense receipts, and more.

Some of the benefits you can see are:

  1. Super fast deal turnaround time: With Signeasy, 71% of contracts are signed in the first hour of sending, which speeds up the sales process and helps close deals faster.
  2. Savings on costs and resources: Electronic signatures save an average of $22 per contract by reducing the need for printing, scanning, and shipping paper documents.
  3. Better client and partner experience: Integrating Signeasy eSignature with Salesforce offers a delightful and convenient signing experience, allowing signers to sign documents from any device, anywhere, and anytime, even within Salesforce. 
  4. Increase accuracy and efficiency: By eliminating manual data input errors, streamlining workflows, and increasing automation, sales reps can save time and reduce errors.
  5. Lesser admin overhead and more compliance: eSignatures are more secure and efficient than wet signatures, as they reduce administrative overhead and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  6. Increased productivity: With Signeasy, sales teams can spend more time closing deals and less on paperwork, increasing productivity and creating a happier sales team.
  7. Improve deal forecasting: With tons of information on who are decision-makers and if they’ve seen and signed the document, the sales team can better understand the prospect’s or partner’s purchase cycles and improve your sales process.

Leveraging the power of easy within Salesforce  

Signeasy and Salesforce together make it the perfect integrated toolkit for sales teams across the globe. The team at Signeasy has kept their philosophy of providing eSignature solutions that are easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to do business with in mind while building a truly native interface for customers to use within Salesforce. 

“Not only has this app (Signeasy) made things streamlined and efficient, but the customer service is top-notch. When things were not working the way I expected, the team would hop on google meet and fix the issue. I have never had customer service like that!”  

testifies Molly from Warrior Canin, a Signeasy and Salesforce user.

Check out Signeasy for Salesforce on AppExchange. It’s time to automate sales processes and close more deals.You can also contact us here for a quick demo.

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