Import your Gmail and Outlook contacts into Signeasy

All of your contacts, right where you need them.

We exchange emails and messages with colleagues, clients, and partners from morning until night, which makes it essential to have our contacts’ information on-hand at all times. So, just when you thought we couldn’t make it any faster for you to request signatures from your signers, we’re giving you the ability to import your Outlook and Gmail contacts directly into your Signeasy account.

Whether on the web or in our mobile app, you’ll be able to complete a one-time sync of your email contacts, and voila! We’ll automatically store them for instant re-use within Signeasy. From that point on, each time you request a signature from a client or colleague or share a document with them, it will auto-fill your recipient’s name and email address.

Aside from ramping up efficiency for your document workflows, our auto-fill feature is the perfect solution for your peace of mind: you’ll never have to worry about email delivery failures or typos again.

How does it work?

On web:

When you choose the “Request Signature” function and go to enter a signer’s name, a prompt will appear for you to import your contacts. Once you’ve completed the process once, that’s it – you’ll never have to import them again.

You will have the option to choose between Outlook or Google once you click on “Import Contacts.” Choose your provider, then click on “Import.” You will be redirected to an authentication page, and the integration will begin.

Screen Shot 2018 12 11 at 1.14.27 PM

On mobile:

In the app, tap on the name of the file you would like to share, and then tap on the export icon in the top right.

In to the “To:” field you will have to option to “Link Google or Outlook”. Choose your provider, then click complete a one-time authorization.

IMG 6257

Once you’re all synced up, the next time you go to type a name or email into their respective boxes, a drop-down menu that lists all relevant matches will appear.

Integrating eSigning capabilities into your existing business tools means simplifying your paperwork across the board by saving time, streamlining your workflows, and cutting down on the physical aspect of document management (printing and scanning, begone!).

In support of this vision, contact integration is one small step for Signeasy, and one giant leap for efficiency in your workplace.


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