Introducing: In-person signing using templates

In-person signing just got even easier!

Tablet and smartphone users, rejoice: the most mobile-friendly eSignature app on the market (that’s us!) just added yet another layer of convenience for users.

As of today, Signeasy users will be able to access their saved templates – with all of their pre-set fields – and get them signed in person by other parties using our iOS and Android mobile apps. Our smart templates highlight all of the fields that must be signed, automatically guiding the signer through the document as they fill it out on your device. This feature decreases the amount of time taken to complete even the longest of documents to less than a minute, and makes us the first eSignature software on the market to offer in-person signing using templates.

How does it work?

The next time you need to collect someone’s signature face-to-face, you will be able to pull up any one of your handy templates via the app. The template guides signers through the fields as they fill the document, prompting them with what information needs to be filled in and where.

That way, nobody has to spend time searching through pages of text to find the next signature field or text box (or worse – miss it completely). Our smart templates make the signing process simple, intuitive, and super-speedy by pointing out exactly what needs to be filled in, allowing the signer to tap through and sign in seconds.

This has been a highly requested workflow by our users, both businesses and individuals alike. Signing documents in person, especially on an iPad, is one of our most-used workflows, and we’re excited to make the experience even easier with smart templates.

Stay tuned for more Signeasy developments and additions – there will always be more to come!

Watch it in action!


For more information, check out the step-by-step help article here.


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