iOS 15: Signeasy is Ready for the Big Day

The highly anticipated iOS 15 is here! What does one of Apple’s biggest iOS updates look like? Lots to discover and enjoy on your iPhone and iPad.

The Signeasy team is just as excited as you are. With a 4.9 star rating on the App Store, the Signeasy iOS app is the gold standard for eSigning on mobile, and one of the key reasons why we are an Apple Mobility Partner.

Apple has introduced a ton of cool features in the new iOS release, and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek.  Here’s a look at the features we’ve built for iOS 15 based on the updates they shared with us! 

Smart Widgets

While widgets were introduced for iOS 14, this latest iteration takes them one step further. To help streamline your digital life, your phone will now suggest widgets based on your frequently used apps!

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What are Signeasy’s new widgets?

  1. Pending: Pending are the documents with signature requests that have not been completed yet. 
  2. Templates: Templates are quick-access reusable documents for files that frequently need to be signed.
  3. Summary: This displays all of your documents’ statuses, including documents you need to sign, signature requests awaiting input from collaborators, and drafts.

Signeasy widgets provide at-a-glance access to your document workflows, helping you stay on top of your tasks with ease. 

Time-Sensitive Notifications

With iOS 15, Apple has introduced “Focus Mode” to help users tune out notifications and receive them at a more convenient time later on. 

But! What if these notifications are critical? What if you missed a time-sensitive signature request for a crucial contract? Isn’t that counterintuitive?

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With Time-Sensitive Notifications, users can choose which alerts are exempt from Focus Mode’s filter. When you receive a ping while Focus Mode is turned on, you’ll be able to select “Turn Off” or “Leave On” for that type of notification. Then, Apple will remember your selection for next time.

Rich Notifications on Notification Summary

So, let’s say you’ve turned on Focus Mode for an intense work or study session – what happens when you toggle it off? The new “Notification Summary” feature will give you a rundown of everything you’ve missed in a nice, clean list format.

Your Summary tray will also include alerts you’ve programmed with the new Time-Sensitive Notifications feature: for example, if you have a daily huddle between 9 AM and 10 AM, you can tell the Signeasy app to send you a rundown of pending documents right after your meeting.

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As a fun and highly visual bonus, Apple’s new “Rich Notifications” feature has images and previews integrated directly into your alerts!

Each September, with every Apple release, we work hard to innovate in ways that will make your everyday digital life that much better.

Let us know in the comments how you’re liking the new update. If you have an idea about which feature we should add next, drop us a line at A lot of our updates are based on feedback from users just like you!

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