Here’s what’s new with Signeasy for iOS 13

What to expect after you hit “update”

Apple devotees, rejoice! A shiny new iOS update is due to hit your devices on September 19th, and we’re feeling especially ready for this year’s launch: it’s all but expected for apps to be scrambling until the last second when a public beta is on the horizon, but we’re actually ready ahead of schedule

That means we’re also in a position to give you a sneak peek of what’s in store. The latest version of Signeasy was built specifically for iOS 13 readiness, inspired by the latest and greatest in mobile technology.

Dark mode

Dark Mode


Signeasy has always been easy on the eyes. But now, with the release of dark mode, you’ll be able to give your eyesight a very welcome break from the dreaded blue light, which is especially helpful in the evening. Darker backgrounds also help conserve battery power. You can expect a system-wide dark mode option on iOS 13 – the Signeasy app will be 100% compatible.



In-app document scanner

Doc Scanner

The latest version of Signeasy bridges the gap between physical and digital paperwork in a whole new way. We’ve leveraged Apple’s VisionKit framework to offer users a handy in-app document scanner, which can lift documents out of the physical world and into your smartphone with a single snap: just take a photo of each page and our app will convert your scan into a PDF that you can use immediately within Signeasy. Just one more way we’re helping you push your printer and scanner even further towards the back of your storage closet.


Multiple window support on iPad

Multi Window

Signeasy users are busy people! That’s why the new version of our app includes multi-window support on iOS 13 for iPad. Apple has also overhauled their Slide Over and Split View features with iOS 13: you’ll be able to have two windows from the same app open simultaneously, and a new App Exposé feature simplifies the process of toggling between windows. Feel free to sign, track, and send documents while cross-referencing a past contract or agreement – the sky’s the limit.


 Dynamic type

UI Refresh Copy

Accessibility is one of the most important parts of the user experience – we want everyone to be able to enjoy our software without issue. The latest version of Signeasy will support dynamic type, which will adapt to the in-app font size to the settings you’ve selected on your iOS device.

This update hits on two different goals: not only do we aim to create an increasingly seamless experience for processing your document workflows, but it’s also important to us that you can enjoy your own iOS device settings and preferences on Signeasy as well.


Refreshingly intuitive UI

UI design is dynamic by nature. Apple’s new software is set to include visual tweaks for its volume HUD, Reminders app, and CarPlay interface, as well as a totally unique OS design for iPad. We’ve also taken the opportunity to give Signeasy a facelift, with the goal of further enhancing our interface’s intuitiveness and ease-of-use. Now, each time you tap into our app, you can continue along with the smooth-as-butter user experience you’ll be enjoying on iOS.

Don’t miss the exclusive first look:

We’re days away from Apple’s highly anticipated release, and we couldn’t be more ready. Click here to download the latest version of Signeasy and enjoy all of the latest and greatest iOS 13 friendly features on September 19!

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