5 benefits of using an eSignature solution for healthcare

It is said that for every ER visit of an hour, your staff will need to invest another whole hour in relevant paperwork. That can be overwhelming at a time when medical care facilities are already grossly understaffed, and patient loads soar high. 

Neck deep in administrative forms, insurance claims and the like, what they end up compromising on is the quality of time with each patient. Not to forget, doctors get to see fewer patients.

DTM systems, such as Signeasy, are just what the proverbial doctor ordered in such situations. Also, it helps cut out the archaic means of admin work involving fax machines, pens, printers and clipboards. 

Read on, as I outline the core benefits of choosing a paperless medical document workflow with Signeasy — an eSignature solution for healthcare.


Benefits of using an eSignature solution for healthcare companies

What are the several ways in which an eSignature solution can simplify the various paper-based processes in the healthcare sector and help doctors and admin staff become more efficient?

eSignature solution for healthcare



1. “Staying healthy” in the healthcare industry

Dhore Anunciado, Executive Director, San Diego Eye Bank says, “We have a lot of our staff going in and out of hospitals all day. We don’t want them coming into the office and increasing our risk – Signeasy has helped us reduce our exposure to this virus.”

Anunciado makes the case for eSignatures so lucidly. Keeping documentation remote-friendly is one of the biggest benefits that eSignature solutions can offer to your hospital or clinic employees. By completely transforming the signature workflow, it minimizes unnecessary trips to the workplace and interactions with high-contact surfaces related to paperwork. 

Most recently, thanks to advancements in technology, it’s possible for your staff to even validate documents with facial recognition

The best part is, with online signature tools, your staff needn’t ever come into work again just to sign a few documents. This allows your everyday heroes to get the rest they deserve, so that they can get back to work the next day, refreshed! 



2. No more choosing between patients & paperwork 

Physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers have for the longest time decried medical paperwork, for being an inconvenience in their already hectic schedules. According to Medical Economics, 44% of physicians find that paperwork and administrative tasks weigh them down. 

Signeasy, as an eSignature solution for healthcare expedites the paperwork so that your staff can focus on saving lives, by enabling:

  • Digital approval and sharing of staff timesheets, across departments (great for contract workers too)
  • Remote management of medical records, onboarding, discharge and prescriptions 
  • Smooth management of newly recruited healthcare staff’s credentials
  • Streamlined collection of approvals on staff training, medical director agreements etc

An eSignature solution for healthcare should have an incredibly user-friendly UI so it doesn’t interrupt the healthcare professionals’ day and important work. Signeasy is simple, yet powerful with virtually no setup time or learning curve. In a move to make the transition to online signatures smoother still, and tide your hospital or clinic through the challenges of COVID-19, Signeasy is now offering free platform upgrades.


3. Keep hospitals running with disruption-free paperwork

It may be the stuff of medical workers’ nightmares, but at the end of the day, paperwork needs to be completed. That’s non-negotiable. Without it how can medical supplies be procured, staff hired and inducted and so on? But, what can be changed, is how the paperwork is done. For the sharing and signing of documents to happen seamlessly, even in a remote environment, a contactless solution such as Signeasy can really make a difference.

Once the processing is complete, the online signature solution also stores the documents safely in the cloud, so that there is no chance of misplacing it. And, it’s easy for your staff to retrieve or forward these files from anywhere and anytime, via Signeasy’s iOS, Android or web app. 

A prime example of how Signeasy can ensure continuity of workflows is Cure Staffing, a healthcare staffing agency based in New York City. The hiring agency had noticed a recent increase in demand for recruiting nurses from various healthcare facilities in the United States. The problem they faced was that it was difficult to get the onboarding documents signed in-person by the recruits. This is why Cure Staffing now relies on Signeasy to quickly and easily get signatures on the likes of W4 and I9 applications remotely from nurses.


4. Improve patient experience

Long queues, little or no time to read forms, delays in getting forms processed because the signee is busy elsewhere – these are not the makings of the ideal patient experience. 

Digitizing documentation is the best way to do away with patients having to run behind paperwork – be it onboarding and discharge forms or even improving the efficiency of insurance claims processing. Thanks to its remote capabilities, caregivers and patients can read and sign the forms even from the comfort of their homes. Consent and insurance forms and the like can be seamlessly signed by patients within the hospital’s electronic health care record (EHR) system thanks to Signeasy’s open API.

And, since the physicians are also freed from paper-pushing, they are able to focus better on the patient. Win-win all around.


5. Making telehealth consults the new normal

To enable faster delivery of healthcare in these trying times, more non-critical consultations and follow-ups are being carried out via video or telephone calls. But, how can physicians send signed prescriptions to these remote patients? And, what about things like securing consent or previous medical records from patients for these remote medical exams?

Once again, esignature solutions can make all the difference. Since eSignature solutions are as legally binding as physical signatures and can bridge geographical barriers, they can enable the long-distance exchange of medical documents almost intuitively. 

Chupik Counseling, a mental health treatment facility, recently decided to deliver therapy sessions over video calls to maintain social distancing. They decided to try out Signeasy to secure consent from the patients for these online consultations. Fast forward to today, where the eSignature tool helps them easily secure 50-100 tele-consents (per week).

If you are a business that is into healthcare, wanting to save your frontline workers from ‘drowning in a sea of paperwork”, simply get in touch with sales@ to claim two months of free access to eSignatures.

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