Introducing Signeasy for Microsoft SharePoint

Contract workflows are essential to any organization — they enable smooth business operations and faster decision-making in every department. If your business is a Microsoft user, all your critical contracts and documents will likely begin and end within SharePoint Online, a powerful tool to store, collaborate, and quickly sync documents across other Microsoft 365 applications.

Microsoft SharePoint has long been a favorite among mid-market and enterprise-level companies that use it to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications. It helps empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

Today, we have exciting news for every business that uses SharePoint. We are thrilled to launch “Signeasy for SharePoint,” our latest integration built to help businesses streamline their contract workflows within SharePoint. 

Without leaving the SharePoint app, you can now sign and store documents and contracts related to employees, clients, partners, and vendors. 

Signeasy for SharePoint integration eliminates the pain of switching to another app to initiate signature workflows, allowing users to securely sign and send contracts and documents for signature within SharePoint and track their status online. 

Once the signing is complete, the contracts and documents are stored and organized in designated folders within SharePoint sites. It also centralizes contracts, audit trails, and supporting documents in one place without the hassle of sifting through lists.

“The Signeasy integration with SharePoint is perfect! As we handle contracts for both internal and external parties, our preferred method is to store the signed files exclusively in SharePoint. Signeasy makes signing a breeze and stores our important files automatically, eliminating the need for manual uploads.”

– Mahmood Al Balushi, IT Application Lead (Sohar Port and Freezing Zone)

With the Signeasy add-in, you can:

  • Sign contracts with legally binding eSignatures directly from SharePoint.
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  • Automate contract workflows and make it effortless for your teams to collaborate, send, and track status. 
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  • Store, organize, and access contracts within designated SharePoint folders within a site capturing important details like filenames, timestamps, and other metadata.
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  • Keep your contracts secure and compliant with audit trails and more.
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Building for the Microsoft world 

Signeasy offers a bunch of benefits to businesses with powerful integrations for Teams, Outlook, and now SharePoint. Here are the top reasons why businesses using Microsoft love Signeasy. 

  • Convenience: Users can create, collaborate, and execute contracts without leaving their favorite apps using Signeasy integrations for Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint.
  • Security: Businesses can rely on Signeasy’s enterprise-grade security features like Audit trails, 2FA, and compliance like HIPAA, SOC2, and more.
  • Plug and play: Signeasy’s add-in is easy to install, sign up and use. It takes no time to learn, and the intuitive features help teams save time and effort spent chasing signatures.
  • Efficiency: Signeasy helps accelerate the digital transformation of all organizations – big and small, by eliminating wet-ink signatures and saving thousands of dollars in print costs.
  • Easy sync with Microsoft apps: ​​ Signeasy’s integration with other Microsoft products helps teams enable a well-connected ecosystem in the Office 365 space. 

“Thousands of businesses worldwide use the Signeasy integrations for Microsoft Teams and Outlook to streamline their signature workflows. By integrating with SharePoint, we have expanded our partnership with Microsoft. This integration will make eSignatures and contract workflows easy and seamless for all businesses, enabling collaboration and better security, especially for larger teams and enterprises that rely on the Microsoft 365 suite to process critical contracts daily.”

– Sunil Patro, CEO and Founder at Signeasy

Signeasy for SharePoint — Easy, intuitive, and secure

If you are a SharePoint user, install ‘Signeasy for SharePoint’ today and empower your teams by automating signature workflows. The Signeasy add-in is easy to install, sign up and use. It takes no time to learn, and the intuitive features help teams save time and effort spent chasing signatures. The integration comes with a free trial and is available on the Signeasy Business Plus plan

Need additional help? Check out our detailed support article.

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