Sign documents from your BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone


I am happy to announce that with the latest update of SignEasy on BlackBerry World, we extended support for Q10 users to sign documents anywhere, anytime. Knowing that Q10  appeals to keyboard believers who want to squeeze the maximum efficiency out of their busy professional lives, we also introduced a slew of powerful features, making it faster to fill forms and contracts while on the go.

Here is a quick overview:

– Save your signing preferences
Select from 10 different ink colors and text styles to sign pdfs and other document formats. By configuring them as default settings, you can save on time.

– Support for international date formats
Because different date formats are used in different countries around the world, we have added 7 new date options such as: MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YY, YYYY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, Month/Date/Year and Date/Month/Year. So whether you do business in US, Canada, UK, Japan, South Africa, Australia or Dubai, we’ve got you covered to do business in your own way.

– Save personal defaults and create custom fields
 Type less while doing paperwork. You can save any custom field that you use on a regular basis while filling documents such as company name, city, address, phone number and more. Once set, you can access these fields with just one tap to insert them into any document.

Download SignEasy to sign documents from your BlackBerry Q10!

-Sunil Patro
Founder and CEO

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