Introducing reusable templates in SignEasy

By now, you already know how easy it is to send contracts, agreements, NDAs (read: all documents) for signature with SignEasy- whether you are on a train commute or at your desk. Just by the fact of how things work, there are certain documents which you send out for signature repeatedly. Setting up these documents and adding fields every single time is both cumbersome and time-consuming.

Well, not anymore! Meet Templates – an easier way to save all such documents as reusable templates and send them out for signature in just a few clicks.

Here’s how it works

Start by creating a template from a document that you send out for signature frequently. Add fields and define the signing roles. The next time you need to send the document for signature, just select the template and enter the actual contact information for the roles you had defined. And that’s all! Send it for signature, without having to add fields all over again. Here’s a video that explains it better!

And this is how templates are set to benefit you:

  • Faster and hassle-free sending of documents

Reusable templates save you the effort of adding fields every single time you have to send the document out for signature.

  • Standardized processes

Templates make it easier for you to ensure that your workflows are standardized across people and teams by eliminating the manual steps and reducing errors.

Templates come in as another addition to our suite of features that make it easier for businesses of all sizes to eliminate paperwork and keep moving forward.  We’re eager to know how you like the feature. Drop us a note at .

PS: The feature is available in the SignEasy Plus and Premium plans. Click 
for details.


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